Truck Repair Invoice Template

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Truck Repair Invoice Template is a reliable means of summarizing a job and the payment owed on that job. The format for this document is set so that you can submit a detailed itemized description of the repairs, a general description, or simply cite a specific contract where some predetermined factors have already been agreed to. The ultimate purpose of developing this document with the information that it requests will be to make sure your Customer is aware of how much he or she owes your company, why that amount is owed, and, if desired, when that amount should be paid. Ultimately, how this document is produced and delivered is left to your discretion since, it is versatile enough to act as an invoice for nearly any truck repair job requested by your Customer.

Salary & Hourly Wage ($/hr)

  • Salary: $49,150/yr (source: BLS)
  • Hourly Wage: $23.63/hr (source: BLS)

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How to Write in PDF and Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx)

1 – Obtain Your Copy Of The Truck Repair Invoice From This Site

The “Adobe PDF” and “MS Word” buttons on this page will both deliver access to a quick and easy-to-use invoice. You can use this document to submit a bill to your Truck Repair Customers when you seek payment.


2 – Feature The Truck Repair Company’s Name And Company Info At The Start Of This Invoice

Your Client may be an Owner Operator or a Truck Company in the transportation industry. In any case, your Customer will likely appreciate having a clear presentation of your Truck Repair Company’s name along with a few options that he or she can use to contact you. To this end, the Truck Repair Company’s legal name should be submitted to the first field of this page.  Your “Name” should be entered on the first line below the Truck Repair Business’ Name you just entered. Your Customer’s first option of contact should be the business address used for the Truck Repair Company. Use the three lines labeled as “Street Address,” “City, State, Country,” and “Zip Code” as places to display the Truck Repair Company’s official business address. Enter the Truck Repair Company’s “Phone” line and “E-Mail” to the next two labeled lines.


3 – Formally Invoice The Client For Your Truck Repair Services

The Truck Repair Customer should be addressed in a direct manner and this should be accompanied with a quick way to reference this subject. Use the invoice number the Truck Repair Company has determined should be associated with this bill. This should be a file number that is unique from other identification numbers in the Truck Repair Company’s filing system. The “Invoice #” line will accept this information.

The calendar Date attached to this invoice will also need to be defined for the Truck Repair Customer. A line labeled “Date” is located directly across the invoice number you reported has been provided so you may deliver the calendar date of this invoice.

Record the full name and address of your Truck Repair Client using the appropriately labeled empty spaces in the “Bill To” section. Many truck repairs will require parts to be supplied to the vehicle in need of repair. Naturally, unless indicated by a pre-existing contract, the Truck Repair Business will want the Customer to pay for any required parts (i.e. generator, tires, etc.). Most Customers will expect to pay for such parts, and all will expect an account of each part contributing to the invoice amount he or she must pay. Thus, list each billable truck (or trailer) part necessary for the repairs to be effected down the first column in the “Material” table. Notice the heading of this column is “Description.”  The two main factors determining the charge to cover billable parts on this invoice will be how many of each were necessary and how much is each one. You can quickly present this information for your Truck Repair Customer using the columns headed with the title “Quantity” and “Unit Cost” (respectively). Multiply the “Quantity” of an ordered piece or item with its “Unit Cost.” The number resulting from this calculation should be submitted to the same row in the “Amount” column. The final cost for the parts the Truck Repair Customer needs(ed) is required in the “Total Material” box in the last column. Add each dollar “Amount” you calculated to one total sum then place this in “Total Material.” In addition to your “Material” table, the cost of the Truck Mechanic’s labor will also contribute to the final invoice amount the Customer will be expected to pay for the Truck Repairs. Utilize the “Description” column in the second table to report the Truck Mechanic’s days or shifts of work on the Customer’s vehicle. Make sure each such date or shift is listed on its own row.  The “Hours” worked by the Truck Mechanic for each shift listed will also need to be recorded. Make sure this is done in the next column on the same row (under the heading “Hours”) then document the “Hourly Rate” that must be charged for each hour the Truck Mechanic worked by supplying it to the third column (“Hourly Rate”). The same principal in reporting the total “Amount” owed will be used for both tables. Thus, multiply the “Hours” you reported by the “Hourly Rate” you documented and submit the product to the “Amount” column on the same row. Complete this table by summing the numbers in the last column and inputting the result in “Total Service.”


4 – Finalize This Template With A Summary Of Charges And Some Terms Governing Payment

A little more math will be required to finish this paperwork. First, add the “Total Material” amount to the “Total Service” amount and furnish the sum of these boxes to the “Subtotal” box in the third table. The second box will need the applicable “Tax” amount for this bill to be documented. Finally, add these two boxes (“Subtotal” and “Tax”) and place the final amount in the box labeled with the bold word “Total.” This will represent the full dollar amount expected of the Truck Repair Customers as a result of this job.  Locate the statement to the left of the “Total” amount then fill in the number of the maximum number of days after the receipt of this document when the Truck Repair Company will consider payment on time. Meaning that if the Truck Repair Customer waits for more days then the number you enter to make a payment, then the Truck Repair Company can consider the payment late.

Finally, make sure that any directions (relating to payment or the job done) is included if with this paperwork if they should be given to Truck Repair Customer as a result of this job. The blank lines at the end of this document will accept such additional material.

How to Write in Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

1 – Use This Spreadsheet To Request Payment From Your Truck Repair Customer

Use a spreadsheet to invoice your Truck Repair Jobs. You can fill out and send the spreadsheet available through the “MS Excel” button on this page.


2 – Identify Yourself To The Truck Repair Customer

The “A” column of this spreadsheet will give you a place to identify the Truck Repair Company as well as the truck Owner or Company who must pay for the concerned vehicle repairs. Begin this identification process by attaching the logo of your Truck Repair Shop to cell A1. Two names must be provided to the cells immediately underneath the logo. Thus, cell A2 requires the legal name of the Truck Repair Company and cell A3 will need your name reported in it. Document these items accordingly. Enter the Truck Repair Shop’s business address as you move down the column as a “Street Address” and “City, State, Country” in cells A4 and A5 respectively. Also make a point of furnishing this address’ “Zip Code” to cell A6.

The official Truck Repair Company “E-Mail” and telephone number should be included below the business address. Thus, utilize cell A7 and A8 (respectively) to inform the Truck Repair Customer of these alternate means of contact. 


3 – Document The File Number For The Truck Repair Invoice

The file number the Truck Repair Shop has devised for this invoice and the transaction it documents should be considered a required item for this paperwork. Record this ID number in cell F4 beneath the “Invoice #” heading. The default calendar date for the invoice “Date” is generated by this spreadsheet as the current date on your computer clock in cell H4.


4 – Address The Truck Repair Customer

The “Bill To” part of column A will request several items of information so we can attach the Truck Repair Customer to this job and these charges. This information should be supplied one cell at a time starting with cell A11 where you will input the legal name of the Truck Repair Customer, continuing through cells A12 and A13 with the Truck Repair Customer’s “Street Address” and “City, State, Country,” then finishing with the appropriate “Zip Code” in cell A14.


5 – List The Truck Repair Details So Excel Can Summarize The Charges

We will use this spreadsheet to document the charges involved for the truck repair job. Submit a manifest of each truck part the Mechanic needed to repair the vehicle that will be paid for by the Truck Repair Customer using the rows presented in the “A” column of this table. For each part you report, document how many were ordered in the “F” column as well as how much a single part of what was ordered costs in the “G” column. This sheet will calculate the total cost for each of these truck parts presenting each separately then using these figures in some additional calculations. Make sure these figures are entered accurately. It is generally expected of the Truck Repair Customer to pay for the hours spent working on the vehicle. Thus, we will submit a report on the Mechanic’s time by listing the dates when he or she worked on the Customer’s vehicle in the “A” column (“Description”) of the “Service” table. The total number of “Hours” worked for that shift should be input in the next cell (“F” column) while the Truck Mechanic’s “Hourly Rate” documented in the “G” column of the same row. Notice as with the table above, several areas of this worksheet will populate or change. These cells will ultimately inform the Truck Repair Customer of the total charges he or she owes. The third table on this spreadsheet will only need one item fulfilled. Consult your local statutes, then apply the “Tax” amount for this invoice to cell H34. This will add to the “Total” amount appropriately. 

It is customary to place a time limit on a received invoice. As such, input the maximum number of days the Truck Repair Customer has to pay these charges by deleting the brackets in cell A35 and replacing them with this grace period.  If your Truck Repair Customer should be given more information supply it using cell A36.

Downloads: 1,065