Model Invoice Template

The Model Invoice Template can be issued for any kind of modeling job (i.e. trade show, fashion, life) to request payment from its Recipient. A few basic pieces of information will be needed to populate the sections making up this template, however, as a template, this will require a relatively easy entry process. It is worth noting this will document the basics of a modeling job but, if additional paperwork must be submitted, this template will enable this as well. So long as every section is completed, the Model using this paperwork will be able to issue a formal invoice that is both easy to work with and professional in appearance.

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How to Write in PDF and MS Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx)

Step 1 – Download The Model Invoice Template In The Format You Prefer

A copy of the Model Invoice on display in the provided image can be saved as an “Adobe PDF” file using the downloadable above or the “PDF” button captioning the image. Notice, that a “Microsoft Word (.docx)” version of this template is also available by selecting the second option in these areas.


Step 2 – Name The Model Requiring Payment

The Model issuing this invoice to seek payment will be the first topic of this paperwork. The top left of this page will seek the Model’s Working or “Company Name” in the first text box of this template.  The full “Name” of the Model expecting payment or the Modeling Agency Employee preparing this document should be recorded on the first blank line. The return address the Modeling Agency (or Independent Model) maintains for correspondence will need to be displayed in this portion of the invoice as well. The two standard lines of a mailing address are expected on the “Street Address” line and the “City, State, Country” line. The final request is the postal code for the Modeling Agency or Model’s address supplied to the “Zip Code” line.  This section will be completed once you record the telephone number and email address maintained by the Modeling Agency or Model seeking payment. Find the blank lines labeled “Phone” and “E-Mail” then dispense these items as requested. 


Step 3 – Report The Modeling Session’s Invoice Reference

A key feature of this invoice will be a display of its reference number or filing number. Typically referred to as the “Invoice #,” an empty line set in the shaded bar after the header should be populated with this reference. This number should be unique in the Modeling Agency (or Model’s) files, however, if an invoicing system is not in place, the Customer’s PO number for the job may be used. 

The Modeling Agency or Independent Model is expected to attach a specific calendar day to this paperwork. The effective “Date” of this invoice should be recorded on the right side of the shaded area. 


Step 4 – Document The Modeling Client’s Billing Details

The Modeling Client should be named as the official Recipient for this paperwork. The bold title “Bill To” will allow you to attach the Modeling Client’s identity on the “Name” line. Once the Modeling Client has been named, continue to the next three blank spaces where you must produce documentation of the Modeling Client’s billing “Street Address,” “City, State, Country,” and “Zip Code” 


Step 5 – Produce The Specifics On The Modeling Job

The modeling job being invoiced must be referenced in the first field of the table displayed in the billing section. Therefore, supply items such as the modeling agreement title and date, the dates and times when the model worked, or event names. This first field should be populated with the reason this invoice is being sent.


Step 6 – Price The Modeling Job

The second field of the table row being completed requires the “Amount” of money expected for the modeling job to be produced. Record this as a dollar value. If you are billing for multiple modeling jobs, you may record the modeling charges as one sum or you may list them separately. 

Fill in the field attached to the word “Total” with the sum of all expected modeling costs that were listed in the cell above it. If only one modeling job is being discussed, then re-enter its price to this field as a courtesy summary of how much must be paid to satisfy this paperwork. 


Step 7 – Declare The Time Limit For This Payment

The number of “Days” after the invoice “Date” that the Modeling Agency or Independent Model will wait for payment while believing it is on the way should be discussed. The Modeling Agency or Independent Model’s grace period should be entered as a number of “Days” after the words “Payment Is Due” on the space after the number sign. 


Step 8 – Include Optional Material When Preferred

If the Model sending this invoice intends to include attachments (i.e. direct deposit information or headshots), then cite the title of such attachments after the words “Comments Or Special Instructions.” You may find this optional area near the bottom of the invoice. 


How to Write in MS Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

Step 1 – Acquire Your Model Invoice As An Excel Document

Issue an invoice to your Modeling Clients by completing the “Excel” spreadsheet template you may download by choosing the “Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)” link provided or the button presented under the Model Invoice preview picture.


Step 2 – Present The Model’s Identity And Contact Information

It is imperative that the Invoice Sender or Model’s identity and return address information be displayed in the top left part of this document. Thus, cell A1 has been set to receive the Model’s trademark image or logo and cell A2 will display the Model’s Professional or “Company Name.” Produce these items as requested. After solidifying the Model or Modeling Agency’s identity, the “Name” of the Agency Employee or Model expecting payment should be on display. This report is expected in cell A3 as a substitution for the current phrase populating this field (“Name”). The next three cells in column A (cell A4, A5, and A6) seek the mailing address of the Modeling Agency or Model behind this paperwork. The first two are reserved for the Modeling Business’s building number, street name, unit number (cell A4) and “City, State, Country” (cell A5) while the final one in this area is held for your entry of the Modeling Business’ “Zip Code” (cell A6).  Two cells are used to display the words “E-Mail” and “Phone.” These refer to the additional items the Modeling Client can use to contact the Modeling Agency or Model sending this paperwork. 


Step 3 – Assign And Display Reference Material For The Modeling Assignment

Many Clients will expect that some document identification is dispensed with the Sender’s information above and the modeling assignment that will be discussed. The document number the Modeling Agency or Independent Model has assigned to this correspondence to cell F4 (labeled with the term “Invoice #”). 

Cell H4 of this sheet is reserved for the modeling job’s Invoice “Date” otherwise known as the effective “Date” of this document. Currently, your desktop calendar’s current day populates this cell, but you may replace it at your discretion. 


Step 4 – Produce The Modeling Client’s Billing Details

Cell A11 of this sheet seeks the Modeling Client’s “Name” and cells A12 (“Street Address”) through A14 (“Zip Code”) the mailing address maintained by the Modeling Client.


Step 5 – Report On The Modeling Assignment Requiring Client Attention

The next field seeking entry is cell A17. This is the “Description” portion of the invoice table where a report on the modeling job requiring payment must be presented. Typically, Modelling Clients will wish to see the dates and times when the modeling took place, the type of modeling required, and any event or contract titles that provide this information as attachments.   


Step 6 – Attach The Owed Amounts For The Modeling Assignment

Cell H17 in this table intends to attach a specific cost for the modeling assignment. Enter this dollar value to this field as the “Amount” expected.  The next field down, “Total” (H18) is a courtesy to the Client and should be filled in with the “Total” dollar value being requested of the Client. If you are billing for more than one modeling job, then add them to a “Total” in cell H18. 


Step 7 – Indicate The Modeling Assignment’s Payment Deadline

Cell A19 seeks a report on how many days the Modeling Agency or Model will allow an unpaid invoice to remain unattended. Remove the brackets after “Payment Is Due” and replace the number sign with the number of “Days” that define the Modeling Agency or Model’s grace period. 


Step 8 – Additional Model Comments Or Payment Instructions Can Be Displayed

If the Modeling Agency or Independent Model must include paperwork with this invoice or any additional instructions, this should be handled following the rem “Comments Or Special Instructions” in cell A20.