Music Singer Invoice Template

Music Singer Invoice Template is a crucial document used when billing a Singer’s Patron or Client. This paperwork will contain the formatted areas necessary for a clean presentation of the services you wish your Patron to pay for. Keep in mind that each area of this template will call for specific information and that the sum of these sections will require a minimum amount of information be supplied accurately. Make sure your records are available to act as a reference when you prepare to fill out this form.

Hourly Wage ($/hr)

  • Hourly Wage: $28.15/hr (source: BLS)

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Bill To
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How to Write in PDF and Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx)

1 – Retrieve A Copy Of The Music Singer Invoice For Your Use

When it is time to bill a Client for a music performance or recording you will need to send some appropriate paperwork. You can access and save such paperwork with the “Adobe PDF” or “MS Word” buttons displayed.


2 – Present The Singer or Entertainment Company

You will need to inform the Music Client or Patron of your identity before you present the payable amount for your music. Notice the initial field “Company Name.” Provide yours in this area. If you do not have or represent a company then, if desired, you can take advantage of the formatted font by placing your own name here. Regardless of whether you supplied the name of a company or yours to the first field, you must document your full name on the blank line corresponding to the label “Name.” Since this first section’s purpose is to give your Patron the means to reach you via paper mail, a telephone number, or electronically you will need to also supply some more information. Begin with the building number and street/road/avenue name on the “Street Address” line. If your mail must be delivered to an apartment or suite number at the address you report, make sure to include this on the same line. You will need to complete this address for your Patron’s benefit by satisfying the information requested by the next two blank spaces (“City, State, Country” and “Zip Code”). The number where your Patron can reach you is required on the space “Phone” and you must round out this section by placing your “E-Mail” address on the last line.


3 – The Invoice Number Attached To The Singing Performance Must Be Recorded

Many of your Patrons will expect a means of keeping track of this document. This requires that a unique identity be given to it, such as an invoice number. The second section of this document will need this number input to the “Invoice #” line.

The next task will be a deliverance of the invoice “Date.” Generally, this is the calendar date when the performance occurred, when this invoice was developed, or when you expect the invoice to arrive but, it can be any calendar date that fits your purposes and is reasonable to your Patron.


4 – Summarize The Performance Or Recording This Invoice Payment Will Cover

The Patron who must pay this bill must be addressed in the “Bill To” section. His or her name and address must be listed as the Payer of the invoice amount you will list below. Place the name of the paying Patron on the blank line “Name” then follow through with his or her full mailing address on the lines labeled “Street Address” through “Zip Code.”  Now, you must give the Patron an explanation for the requested payment. Locate the concise two-column table then give some definition to the performance or recorded product in the “Description” column. Some examples of such a definition would be the performance date or name.  You should now use the “Amount” column to price the performance or product for the Patron. This should be the full payment amount you expect the Patron to submit in exchange for the performance or the recorded product you are billing for.  The Patron should receive a due date when you wish an on-time payment to be made. This will be defined as a number of days starting with the Patron’s receipt of this paperwork. A statement underneath the two-column table will contain a blank space where you must record this number of days.  There may be some more information that you wish to give your Patron. An example of such information would consist of the different payment methods the Patron may use to satisfy this invoice or a description of the penalties that can be levied for a late payment. 

How to Write in Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

1 – Download The Spreadsheet Version Of The Music Singer Invoice

Your first step in billing Music Singer Patron is to develop some paperwork that will serve to summarize what is expected of him or her. You can use the formatted spreadsheet available by finding then selecting the “MS Excel” button above.


2 – You Must Identify The Music Studio Or Performer Sending This Bill

The Music Singer whose performance or recording will be paid for in response to this document should make an effort to introduce himself or herself. This can be quickly done with your logo and “Company Name.” These items can be clearly displayed on this sheet by populating cells A1 and A2. Now, in addition to the above information, the “Name” and “Street Address” of the Music Singer should be supplied to A3 and A4 then followed up with the appropriate “City, State, Country” and “Zip Code” in cells A5 and six (respectively).

Your email and phone number must go in the next to cells of the “A” column.

3 – A Paying Patron Must Be Named As Responsible For This Invoice

The entity obligated to pay for the Music Singer’s services or products would be clearly listed in the “Bill To” section beginning with eleventh row in column A. His or her “Name” should be recorded using this field. After you have identified the Patron, you will need to set his or her address on paper under the name utilizing cells A12 through A14.


4 – The Invoice Number Associated With This Music Bill

The Patron receiving this Music Singer’s Invoice will want to be able to quickly identify this paperwork in his or her records should it ever need to be discussed in the future. In cell F4 and H4 have been set aside specifically to address most Payers’ need for this convenience.

5 – Inform The Patron Of The Music Singer Charges Requiring Payment

You will now need to take advantage of the table located on row 16. Remind the Patron of the performance the Payer has ordered by summarizing it in cell A17. This can be done by recording the event date when the Singer performed along with its name. If the Patron ordered a product, then list this in cell A17 as well. More rows can be included by inserting more rows by clicking on the row number and selecting “Insert” from the mouse menu.

An exact dollar amount that will satisfy payment for the item(s) you listed in cell A17 will also need documentation. Enter it numerically in cell H17. If you have inserted more columns, make sure you are putting these dollar amounts on the right row. The next cell you may supply information to is optional. The sentence in cell A18 will give the Patron a certain number of days to pay. It will be up to you to input this number where the pound sign is located. The final statement(s), in cell A19, enables more information to be included. You may convey terms, copyright information, or any other item relevant to the Music Singer’s services or products.