Musical Performance Invoice Template

Musical Performance Invoice is a handy tool to have at your disposal when it is time to contact your Customers regarding a payment for a performance or recording provided to him or her.  The act of completing this paperwork will enable you to gather a group of facts defining a commissioned performance that will be set in writing in one document. Additionally, many Customers will react relatively quick to pay a bill that specifically holds them responsible. Once you have filled out this paperwork, effectively attaching the job to the Customer and the amount payable, you may deliver it to the Customer to seek payment.

Hourly Wage ($/hr)

  • Hourly Wage: $28.15/hr (source: BLS)

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How to Write in PDF and Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx)

1 – Save The Musical Performance Invoice

The buttons “Adobe PDF” and “MS Word” each grant you access to the paperwork a Musical Performance Company can utilize to request an on time payment from one of their Customers or Patrons. Select the file type you wish to obtain then save it.


2 – The Heading Will Seek An Identification Of The Sender

Identify The Performance Company or Group generating this paperwork by typing in its full name to the “Company Name” field at the top of the page.  The Event Manager, Venue, or Patron receiving this document will wish to have a contact name from the Performance Company handy. The line attached to the “Name” label at the top of this invoice will display this Contact Name in a prominent area of this document as a matter of convenience.While the information you submitted above will be useful, you will need to make sure it is accompanied by the business address, email address, and phone number where the Musical Performance Company can be reached. The labeled areas at the top of this invoice will guide you through this submission process.


3 – A Report On The Musical Performance Invoice Is Required

The invoice number assigned to the musical performance being billed here should be entered directly to this paperwork on the line labeled “Invoice #.” In most cases, this number is generated when a new job is ordered so that a billing process can begin. The invoice number you report here must be unique in your files so that a proper reference to this document can be made in the future. The “Date” that should be associated with this paperwork will need to be supplied in the blank line across the page from the invoice number you reported.


4 – Bill The Event Manager Or Venue

There must be a receiving entity named in this paperwork as the official target of this invoice. The “Bill To” section of this page will need the name and address of the Event Manager, Venue Manager, or Patron that has commissioned the Musical Performance Company. Make sure to start with the name of this entity on the first blank line and the “Street Address,” “City, State, Country,” and “Zip Code” where he or she maintains a mailing address on the lines that follow. Locate the concise table at the center of this document. There will be two columns and one row (however you can insert either with your editing software). The first column is where we will define what the Patron or Event Manager is paying for. It may be a product such as a DVD of a live performance or the time spent performing. You can also name a contract number or the date and venue defining the performance in this area.Once you have reported the reason for this invoice, you must present the cost of the performance being billed. This dollar value should be entered in the “Amount” column.The “Payment…” sentence underneath the table you just filled out will only need one item supplied; the number of days making up the grace period the “Bill To” party has to satisfy the invoice amount listed above. This number should be entered to the field between the number sign and the word “…”Days” in this sentence.
If the Music Performance Company intends to deliver more information that has not been presented with an area to report in thus far, you may provide more directions using the two blank lines at the bottom of this document.

How to Write in Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

1 – A Musical Performance Invoice Can Be Dispensed To Your Client Using This Spreadsheet

Your invoice to a Musical Performance Client can be developed as an Adobe PDF or MS word file. The links above this section or the “Adobe PDF” or “MS Word” buttons will let you save this file to your machine.


2 – Define The Creator Of This Invoice

Properly introduce you Musical Performance Company by importing its logo image to cell A1. In most, if not all, cases an entity will want its name paired with its logo. Display the Name of the Musical Performance in cell A2. Now we will give the Musical Performance Client the means to send a payment or contact you. Cell A3 will need the name of an individual at the Musical Performance Company furnished to its contents. Continue delivering information to column A with the presentation of the Musical Performance Company’s full address in cells A4, A5, and A6. It would be considered wise to make sure the Music Performance Customer has your Performance Company’s current “E-mail” and “Phone” handy. This will aid in promoting a clear line of communication.


3 – Attach The Venue Or Event Manager Responsible To This Bill

Whether the Performers were commissioned by an Event Manager, a Venue, or Patrons, he or she will need to be attached to the phrase “Bill To” using this document. The Musical Performance Client’s legal name is needed in cell A11 to achieve this goal. You can further authenticate the Musical Performance Client’s identity with his or her business address. Cells A12, A13, and A14 will allow this by giving you a place to attach this information. Keep in mind that while, you may take certain liberties with the design of this template, you should make sure that this “Bill To” section remain consistent.


4 – Submit Information To Satisfy The Invoice Process

The invoice number and date are required items for this paperwork since they will allow a clear identification of this paperwork in the future. Cells F4 and H4 have both been supplied so each of these elements can be included in a separate area of this invoice. You may notice H4 currently names the current calendar date as this invoice date however this field is editable if preferable. The table contained in this spreadsheet will contain some formatted cells that will conveniently work with the figures you enter to produce an accurate amount due for the Client to pay. Cell A17, named “Description,” presents the space where you can recap to the Client what his or her order consisted of or delivered.The column F cell (“Hours”) and column G cell (“Hourly Rate”) should be supplied with the total number of hours performed and the dollar value the Musical Performer requires for each hour worked. These cells will contribute to the value that generates in “Amount” Mostly, you will want to make sure you receive a payment on time. Many companies will inform their Clientele that only a certain number of days will be allowed before the invoice is considered late or delinquent. Record how many days the Musical Performance Client has to make an on time payment by substituting the number of days for the hashtag sign in brackets (cell A18)Cell A19 serves to enable you to give the Musical Performance Customer information not normally included in a standard invoice. Use the space after the word “…Instructions” to provide such material to the Customer.