Passport Service Invoice Template

A passport service invoice is used by a company that provides expedited services for visas and any type of immigration process to help a person get into another country. The most common service is when a person is applying for a new or to renew an expiring passport.

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How To Write In PDF And Word

Download: Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (.docx)

Step 1 – Obtain The Passport Service Invoice As A PDF Or Word Document

The template on display can be accessed as a “PDF” using the preview image’s captioning button or the link above. If working with a “Word” document will be more compatible with your software environment, then select the correctly labeled item under the image or the “Microsoft Word (.docx)” link above.


Step 2 – Produce The Legal Name And Contact Information For The Passport Service

The information defining the Passport Service Company is the first concern of this paperwork. Thus, supply the full name of the Passport Service Company in the text box. This object is the first on the page and located in the upper left. Notice it will contain.  Proceed to the next part of this header where a series of blank lines bearing labels are on display. The “Name” line refers to that of the Passport Service Employee in charge of this correspondence with the Client.  The next part of this series will concern itself with the Passport Service’s mailing address. This paperwork will expect that three different lines be used to display this address. Therefore, fill out the “Street Address,” “City, State, Country,” then “Zip Code” where the Passport Service receives mail on these lines.  Record the “Phone” number where the Passport Service receives Customer inquiries on the next blank line. Finally, make a record of the Passport Service’s formal “E-Mail” address on the last line before the dividing bar.  


Step 3 – Distinguish This Document From Others With Basic Filing Information

This page divides the header from the body with a shaded bar meant to dispense the filing information identifying it as the Passport Service’s invoice. Use the first blank line in this bar to fill in the “Invoice #” for this paperwork.  The second blank line in this bar is reserved for the invoice “Date” that marks the first calendar day when the Passport Service requests this document.


Step 4 – Directly Address The Passport Client

The heading “Bill To” (following the divider) intends to target the Passport Client being held responsible to pay or the service provided. The first blank line in this section requires the full “Name” of the Passport Client.  Next, use the three lines bearing the labels “Street Address” through “Zip Code” to display the mailing address of the Passport Client.  


Step 5 – Give An Account Of The Passport Service Provided

The invoice being developed is set to present the passport service and its costs in a table. The first column of this table displays the term “Description” as its heading. Give a reasonable summary of the service that must be paid for by the Passport Client. 


Step 6 – Price The Passport Services

The right-hand column in this table seeks the price set by the Passport Service for this job. Enter this cost to the contents of the box titled “Amount.” After you’ve recorded every “Amount” being charged, add them to one another to the “Subtotal” box.  The “Tax/VAT” box near the bottom of this column expects a recording of the sales or service taxes that must be added to the owed amounts. The Passport Service Client should be informed of the full amount owed for this invoice. Reach this “Total” by adding the “Subtotal” of the Passport Service Company to the “Tax/VAT” value reported above. 


Step 7 – Declare The Passport Service Total’s Deadline

The statement produced after this invoice’s table addresses the Passport Service’s desired payment date. Use the blank line after the words “Payment Is Due…” to display the predetermined number of “Days” given to the Passport Client to pay the “Total” above. 


Step 8 – Continue Reporting Information For The Passport Services Invoice As Needed

A final pair of blank lines are available for any additional documentation the Passport Customer may need to complete this paperwork. 


How To Write In Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

Step 1 – Save Your Passport Service Invoice Template As An Excel Sheet

Select the “Excel” button furnished to this page with the preview image of this template. This and the “Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)” link in this section will both give you the opportunity to save this file.


Step 2 – Identify The Passport Service Sending This Document

The Passport Service seeking payment should be prepared to identify itself at the top of the spreadsheet in the first column. Cell A1 will accept an import of the Agency Service’s official logo or trademark image. Place this image here accordingly to introduce the Passport Service.  The exact “Company Name” of the Passport Service will be the second concern of this document. Type this complete “Company Name” into the contents of the second field in this column (cell A2).      The address where the Customer can reach the Passport service along with the “Name” of an Employee with the authority to field any inquiries is the next piece of this header you must supply. Begin by furnishing the first and last “Name” of the Passport Service Employee in cell A3 then his or her full address at this Agency or Company in cells A4 (Street Address), A5 (labeled as “City, State, Country”), and cell A6 (or “ZIP Code”).  The “E-Mail” the Passport Service or Company uses to receive electronic correspondence from the public and its Customers should be recorded in cell A7.    Lastly, make use of cell A8 to dispense the “Phone” number the Passport Service wishes its Customers to utilize when contacting this Issuing Company.   


Step 3 – Designate This Template With Invoice Information

An additional area in the header will need your attention. It should be considered imperative that the Customer retains an ability to easily distinguish and reference this payment request as an invoice in his or her system according to the filing number you assigned to this document. Thus, look up this transaction’s invoice number and produce it as the contents of cell F4 so it will display in the header to the right of the Invoicing Company.  The cell attached to the right of the invoice number you displayed will contain the current “Date.” Many will consider the invoice “Date” of such paperwork to be the first day of a formal payment request. You may edit this if necessary.


Step 4 – Directly Bill The Passport Client’s

The Passport Client seeking to gain the service provided and submit payment in exchange to the Invoice Issuer should be identified as the Recipient of this paperwork. Cell A11 (“Name”) can be located directly underneath the “Bill To” heading in the next section and should be supplied with the Paying Client’s identity.  Follow column A down the sheet to record the billing address used by the Passport Client. As with the above section, it will be expected that you split this information down three cells as you work keeping the “Street Address” in cell A12, the “City, State, Country” in cell A13, and producing the postal code in cell A14 (“Zip Code”). 


Step 5 – Define The Commissioned Passport Service

The nature of the service that has been commissioned by the Client and at the heart of this document must now be discussed. The spreadsheet provides cell A17 (or “Description”) as a working area that will display to the Invoice Recipient. Submit a report on the passport services being billed in this section. Keep in mind if multiple charges will be involved you may wish to provide an item for every cost you assess. Otherwise, you may provide one summary involving the dates and actions describing the work done.  


Step 6 – Discuss The Passport Service’s Pricing

An additional column to this table is in column H of this sheet. Seek out the cell labeled “Amount” (cell A17) then enter all amounts owed for the passport services provided in this box. Exclude any taxation these amounts may be vulnerable to.  Cell H18, known as the “Subtotal” for the amounts above, seeks the sum of all values you recorded above even if only one was produced. Enter the sum of all amounts owed in cell H18.  Some states may place a tax on the invoiced “Amount” above. For instance, if the Passport Service produced a photograph that must be paid for then, most states will expect a sales tax to be paid by the Customer. Therefore, apply all tax codes that relate to this invoice and the Business behind it to calculate how much in taxes must be paid. Record this dollar value in cell H19 even if it is a zero.  The “Total” owed for the passport services being billed must be equal to the sum of its “Subtotal” in cell H18 and the “Tax/VAT” that must be included. Add these values to one another then enter the resulting “Total” passport service charge the Client must pay in cell H20. 


Step 7 – Deliver The Grace Period Applying To The Passport Services Bill

Return your focus to the first column. In cell A21, a sentence that shall act as a declaration has been made. Locate the hashtag symbol (to the right of the phrase “…Due In” and before the word “Days”) then record the appropriate number defining how many days the Passport Client is allotted to gather funds and pay the “Total” before being considered late. 

Step 8 – Content Relating To The Passport Service Or This Invoice May Be Included

the next cell down is the final cell set up to receive information but is optional. You may utilize the wording cell carrying the “Comments Or Special Instructions” label to deliver additional content regarding the passport service or the payment owed.