Pest Control Invoice Template

Pest Control Invoice Template will handle the initial payment request made upon Clients who have commissioned the company to perform an inspection, engage prevention measures, or handle extermination such as insects and other vermin. This paperwork may also be used if the Client only ordered pest control products with or without service. The template achieves this by dividing itself by a few formatted sections that will be completed upon the information you input. Naturally, it is strongly recommended that you gather your records for the job or order you are billing, double-check them, then transcribe the information where it is required.

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How to Write in PDF and MS Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx)

Step 1 – Acquire Your Pest Control Invoice As A PDF Or Word Document

Save the template previewed below as a “PDF” or a “Word” file by clicking on the button bearing the appropriate label. Alternatively, the text links in this section will give you the same access.


Step 2 – Identify The Pest Control Company Or Exterminator

Present the Pest Control “Company Name” in the text box in the upper left. It should be noted, this must be the official business name of the entity or contractor sending this for this document to be effective.  Locate the first space underneath the text box you have completed then produce the “Name” of the Pest Control Contractor or Employee handling this document. The Pest Control entity’s business address must be presented with these names, therefore report the appropriate building number, street name, and suite name on the “Street Address” line with the “City, State, Country” on the line that follows it.  Finally, the “Zip Code” line will require the Pest Control Entity’s postal code.  The “Phone” space is reserved for the Pest Control Entity’s current business telephone number while the blank space concluding this area is held for the Pest Control Entity’s “E-Mail” address. 


Step 3 – Deliver Filing Definitions To The Pest Control Services And Supplies

Naturally, since this paperwork will involve the money owed on a Client’s account both the Pest Control Entity and its Client will want to keep a steady eye on it while active and be able to readily find it in a filing system. A unique number that acts as sort of a secondary title or name for this paperwork will satisfy this need. Input this “invoice #” on the first line following the Pest Control Entity’s contact details above. The “Date” line, noticeably presented on the right, requires documentation of the exact calendar day when this payment is first requested by the Pest Control Entity.  


Step 4 – Record Pest Control Client’s Billing Information

Submit the Pest Control Client’s “Name” on the first blank space of the next section (titled “Bill To”). Bear in mind that the legal “Name” of the Client input here will be taken as the party obligated to satisfy this document.  Supplying the complete address of the named Client is the next task of this section. This will take a similar format as the header section above so we will be supplying the “Street Address” and “City, State, Country” separately from each other as well as from the “Zip Code” 


Step 5 – Discuss The Client’s Extermination Job Or Pest Control Supply Requirements

The requested pest control services or supplies of the Client order being billed should be summarized for this paperwork’s function. You may record nearly any type of information in the “Description” box. You may document this order by citing the contract involved, product names, and/or the Pest Control Technician’s logbooks. 


Step 6 – Submit The Pest Control Pricing For This Job

The right-hand column, “Amount,” begins with a request for the product pricing or labor costs for this job. Supply these as dollar values immediately under the heading “Amount.”  A record of the total dollar value of the concerned labor costs and/or product pricing should be made in “Subtotal.”  The Pest Control Entity may be obligated to charge a sales “Tax” to products or service “Tax” for labor. While many states do not charge a service “Tax,” the one in our example must, therefore, reflect this even though no products were sold. Make sure the next box in this column “Tax” is populated with a sum of all the taxes that must be paid on the “subtotal” you recorded.  The final pest control “Total” is the job’s “Subtotal” plus the applicable taxes. Report this as the final owed amount in the “Total” box.


Step 7 – Document The Pest Control Job’s Due Date Of Payment

The “Payment Is Due…” sentence in the bottom left will perform a straightforward function. The blank line in this statement is meant to convey exactly how many “Days” may elapse without payment before this invoice is considered late once you record the appropriate numeral to its contents.


Step 8 – Instructions Regarding The Services, Products, Or Invoice May Be Included

The Pest Control Company may need to provide disclosures, payment instructions, or make general comments regarding the job, the concerned property, or the invoice. This template anticipates such additional topics and thus provides a couple of blank lines after “Comments Or Special Instructions” at the bottom of the page for this purpose.


How to Write in MS Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

Step 1 – Save The Pest Control Excel Template To Invoice Your Customers

The template in the image can be acquired from this page by choosing the “Excel” button from the options in the caption area or by selecting “Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)” from the links featured above.


Step 2 – Introduce The Pest Control Business

After opening this spreadsheet, navigate the mouse to cell A1, then import the Pest Control logo to display in its contents. This will feature the logo at the top of the page on the left.  Couple your Company’s logo with its legal business name by typing over “Company Name” in cell A2. Now, you must continue down this segment of column A to dispense the Pest Control Company’s contact information. Begin with cell A3 with the name of the Pest Control Office Employee, Contractor, or Service Provider’s full “Name.” This will be the individual holding the authority to deal with the Customer’s paperwork and payment. Cell A4 and A5 will work together with Cell A6 to allow an easy to read display of the address. Note the building number, street or road name, and any necessary suite number in the Pest Control Company’s address is called for as the “Street Address” in cell A4 the follow through with its “City, State, Country” in cell A5. Place the postal code in cell A6’s “Zip Code” field. Once the address has been completed, produce the Pest Control Company’s “E-Mail” in cell A7Lastly, dispense the business telephone line monitored by the Pest Control Company in cell A8


Step 3 – Clearly Document Necessary Filing Information

Quite a bit of paperwork can be generated with the day-to-day operations of any business, especially one focusing on providing a necessary service. Thus, a reliable means of identification must be assigned to this paperwork in the form of an “Invoice #.” Delete the current contents of cell F4 (on the right) and replace it with the desired invoice number.  Continue to the right where cell H4 displays the calendar date on your computer. Leave this content unedited if it is the correct invoice “Date” for this document. If it is not, then you may replace it with an appropriate calendar “Date” for your current task. 


Step 4 – Directly Address The Pest Control Client

Once the preliminary information identifying the Sender and this document has been submitted, it will be time to target this paperwork properly. Additionally, we must assign this target to his or her role as a Payer. To do this, find the “Bill To” section then select the cell immediately below the title (cell A11). Deliver the exact “Name” of the Pest Control Client whose payment will be anticipated upon receiving this invoice.  Below this the Pest Control Client’s identity, several cells are available to further identify him or her and direct this document accordingly. Use cells A12 (“Street Address”), A13 (“City, State,”), and A14 (“Zip Code”) to make a display of the billing address this paperwork will be sent to (if delivered by the postal service).


Step 5 – Define All Billable Pest Control Services And Products

In order to formally request payment for services or ordered supplies/merchandise, an adequate reference (i.e. contract order, customer p.o., or work shifts) summarizing the billable hours and/or an inventory of the ordered supplies/merchandise must be included. Cell A17 (titled “Description”) will accept the text, numerals, dates, and times required for this presentation. 


Step 6 – Assign Prices To All Control Services And Merchandise Ordered

The next segment of the invoice table contains several cells calling for your input. Cell H17 intends to continue your report on what was ordered with the cost the Pest Control Company expects (excluding sales/service taxes). You have the option of providing either an itemized list of prices or one sum.  You must add all pest control costs in A17 to one sum then document your result as the pest control order’s “Subtotal” for this invoice.  Depending on the state or locality the Pest Control Business operates in, sales or service taxes may be required with the “Subtotal” being charged. In such a case all taxes must be presented in cell A19. This must be recorded as one number representing all taxes owed.  The final dollar value of the pest control services, merchandise, or supplies order must be all-inclusive regarding the numbers in this column. We have already properly summarized this bill in cells A18 and A19, thus, to complete it, these two cells must be reported as one sum in cell A20 as the “Total.” 


Step 7 – Guide The Customer To A Timely Payment

Generally, the Pest Control Company will desire that the Invoice Recipient respond with an immediate payment however, this will not always be the case. Thus, give the Customer a framework to follow in the form of a countdown beginning with the invoice date and terminating on the number of days that an unpaid invoice becomes late. This number can be placed between the word “…In” and “Days” in cell A21. Type over the hashtag symbol with this number to complete this statement


Step 8 – Supplementary Information And Attachments May Be Added

If the Pest Control Company desires to include more content, this may be done in cell A22 after “Comments Or Special Instructions.”