Plumbing Invoice Template

The plumbing invoice template may be used by any type of service involving water, irrigation, or sewer systems in order to bill clients and collect outstanding receivables. In most cases, the invoice is given to the client when the job is finished. Payment may be made immediately, 15 days, or 30 days depending on the circumstances. The plumber should itemize the number of hours worked multiplied by their rate ($) per hour and add to any parts that were needed.

Salary & Hourly Wage ($/hr)

  • Salary: $53,910/yr (source: BLS)
  • Hourly Wage: $25.92/hr (source: BLS)

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How to Write in Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word

DownloadAdobe PDF or Microsoft Word

1 – Obtain A PDF Version Of The Plumbing Invoice

You can download the Plumbing Invoice in an Adobe PDF format by selecting either the button or the link on this page. View the document then download it to an easily accessible location on your computer. You may use this template in the future whenever you wish to issue an Invoice.

2 – Identify The Plumbing Company Issuing This Paperwork

Fill in the Plumbing Company’s Legal Business Name in the first field. You can locate this field easily since it is currently populated with the placeholder label “Company Name.” Replace these words with the Plumbing Company’s Name. In addition to the Plumbing Company’s Business Name, we must also supply a record of the First, Middle, and Last Name of the individual the Customer shall deal with in relation to this Plumbing Invoice. Now, produce the Plumbing Company’s Business Address using the lines labeled “Street Address,” “City, State, Country,” and “Zip Code.” The rest of this header section contains two additional blank lines “Phone” and “E-Mail.” These fields are reserved for the Plumbing Company’s daytime Business Number and an up-to-date “E-Mail” Address of the Plumbing Company.

3 – The Plumbing Invoice Number And Date Need To Be Specified

Most businesses will have a filing and accounting system in place which assigns their internal documents with a reference number. Manifest the Plumbing Job Invoice Number to the blank space attached to the label “Invoice #” then place the Invoice Date on the next blank space.

4 – Supply The Plumbing Customer’s Billing Name And Address

The entity that has ordered the Plumbing Job should be shown on this document in the “Bill To” section. You will have to furnish the individual components making up the Plumbing Customer’s Billing Address to the blank spaces bearing the labels “Name,” “Street Address,” “City, State, Country,” and “Zip Code.”

5 – Plumbing Parts And Labor Should Be Itemized

The Plumbing Parts or “Products” ordered for this job should be listed by name or ID number along with how many were ordered and the unit price of an individual piece. The first three columns in “Products” titled “Description,” “Quantity,” and “Unit Cost” has been reserved for this information make sure to only describe one Product per row.

The Plumbing Customer will need to know how much he or she is paying for every ordered part. Multiply the ordered “Quantity” of each described Product by its “Unit Cost.” Enter the result of each such calculation on the same row as the described Product and its reported numbers under the “Amount” column. This table will only be considered complete when you place the sum of each row’s “Amount” value in “Total Products.” The “Labor” table on this page will allow for a clear report on the Plumbing Services performed for the Customer. This area is concerned with the time spent on the Customer Job. You must produce a “Description” of each project, the “Hours” required to complete each project, and the applicable “Hourly Rate” recorded using the first three columns. The “Amount” column in this table will also need a minor calculation with the previously entered numbers. Multiply the number of “Hours” with the “Hourly Rate” to determine how much the Plumbing Customer must pay for each project described. Add all the numbers furnished to the rows in “Amount” and populate the box labeled “Total Labor” with this sum.

6 – A Grand Total And Applicable Terms Should Be Presented To Finalize This Paperwork

We have identified the Plumbing Company, the Customer, and some specifics concerning the Plumbing Job and this paperwork. It is now time to summarize the numbers involved for the Plumbing Customer’s benefit. Start by adding “Total Products” to “Total Labor” then reporting the result in the field labeled “Subtotal.” Now, input the amount in Taxes the Plumbing Customer must pay to “Tax.” Make sure the dollar amounts you supplied in these last two fields are correct. If so, add them to one another and furnish the sum in “Total.” This Plumbing Invoice will also contain two statements near the bottom. Here you may provide some additional and valuable information. The first statement, “Payment Is Due Within #…” contains a blank space where you may inform the Plumbing Customer of the number of days he or she must pay the Total listed above. If there is any information specific to the situation that has not been covered you may use the “Comments Or Special Instructions” statement to provide it to the Plumbing Customer receiving this paperwork.

How to Write in Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

DownloadMicrosoft Excel (.xlsx)

1 – The Excel Document Here Is A Re-Usable Plumbing Invoice

The Plumbing Invoice previewed in the image can be reviewed by selecting the “MS Excel” button (or the link) then saved to your computer.

2 – Use Rows One Through Fourteen In Column A To Document The Parties Involved

Locate the first column on the left to tend to the task of properly identifying the Plumbing Company. Place the Logo of the Plumbing Company in cell A1. You may either delete the current image and replace it or, if the Plumbing Company does not have a logo, leave this cell blank. Cell A2 through A14 have been reserved for the Legal Name of the Plumbing Company, the Full Name of the Plumbing Company Representative, and the Plumbing Company Address. This area should have the same information required by a Mailing Label addressed to the Plumbing Company.

Additionally, it is also standard practice to give the Customer the Plumbing Company’s “E-Mail” Address and “Phone” Number. This information can be placed in cells A7 and A8 accordingly. Now, utilizing rows 11 through 14 in column A, make sure the Plumbing Customer’s Name and Address are properly displayed on this page. This should consist of the Plumbing Customer’s Legal Name and the “Street Address,” “City, State, Country,” and “Zip Code” of this entity’s Billing Address.

3 – The Invoice Information, Products Ordered, and Hours Worked Are All Required Items

Now, let us turn our attention to the third row in the top right-hand part of this spreadsheet. Use the fourth row in column F to deliver the Invoice Number used for this paperwork. In addition to this piece of information, present the Invoice Date on the same row of column H. Two preformatted tables have been included to this template. This area will be where we itemize both the Plumbing Parts and Plumbing Services ordered by the Customer. In “Products,” produce a manifest of each ordered part in column A, then enter the “Quantity” ordered with the “Unit Price” to the next two columns. The numbers you supply to the last two columns will feed into a formula in the “Amount” column, where the Customer will be informed of how much is owed for the Plumbing Products ordered on this Invoice. In the second table, “Labor,” we shall supply a basic time sheet where each Plumbing Project must be named or described in the first column. Naturally, we must also supply the “Hours” and “Hourly Rate” applied to the work you defined in “Description.” The values you enter on each of these rows will calculate the figure that appears in “Amount” as you work. This column will supply the Customer with the Totals for the “Labor” being reported on.

4 – Produce A Brief Summary Of The Amount Due And A Report On The Applicable Terms

In order to complete this Plumbing Invoice, you must supply the amount in Taxes the Customer is responsible for. Place this figure in cell H34.

It is generally considered wise to give the Customer a time-frame to consider regarding when the Plumbing Invoice needs to be paid. Locate the words “Payment Is Due…” then enter the number of days the Plumbing Customer is given to make an on-time payment.

You may use the blank lines after “Comments And Special Instructions” to deliver information the Plumbing Customer should have with this Invoice.