Pool Service Invoice Template

Pool Service Invoice Template should be considered an integral part of your company’s billing process. This document is often considered the centerpiece when discussing the payment status of a job. This is because it enables a gathering of the basic but most pertinent information required to define a commissioned service and the money required to pay for that service. Since this paperwork will be dispensed to your Pool Client, make sure that you produce the material it requests accurately.

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How to Write in PDF and Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx)

1 – Obtain The Pool Service Invoice To Collect Owed Money From Your Customers

When a Pool Service Customer owes a service for a job then, it is important to establish the amount payable for the job along with some other facts. This can be done efficiently by downloading this paperwork as a PDF or Word file, supplementing its contents with information, and making sure it is successfully received by your Customer.

2 – Feature The Pool Service With A Clear Presentation At The Onset Of This Invoice

The official name of the Pool Service will need to be the item that introduces this document to the Client. The first field on this page, “Company Name,” will accept an entry of the Pool Service’s name. Enter your name, as either the Pool Service Technician or Customer Service Rep, on the space bearing the “Name” label, then fulfill the next three spaces with the address of the Pool Service. The “Phone” number and “E-Mail” address where the Pool Service can be reached are the remaining items required by this section. Furnish this information to the remaining empty lines.


3 – A Predetermined File Number Should Be Attached To The Pool Service Job

The ID number of the Pool Service Invoice will have a predetermined line where it must be submitted. Make sure to provide these digits to the “Invoice #” line accurately. Another good measure to take for the purpose of good record keeping and tracking the due date of this invoice is to attach an invoice date. The “Date” line will require this calendar date.


4 – Document The Pool Service Customer’s Contact Name And Address

Find the “Bill To” section, then produce the Pool Service Customer name on the first line in it. Continue this section with the address where the Pool Service Customer receives his or her “Name.” Begin with the “Street Address” line and finish with the line attached to the label “Zip Code.”


5 – Summarize The Pool Service And Make Sure The Cost Is Displayed

It is a relatively standard billing practice to give a quick summary of the concerned pool service. The concerned pool service can be laid out for the Customer in the column “Description.” Your Pool Customer will want to see the full “Amount” of money he or she owes in writing on this paperwork. Thus, report the total cost of the pool service/maintenance that must be paid in the “Amount” column.  There will be a few sentences after the table where you summarized the pool services provided and the associated costs. Now, in the sentence “Payment Is…” let the Pool Client know how many days he or she has by entering the number in the parenthesis. The blank lines at the end of this invoice enable additional material to be included. Notice the label will inform the Client that “Comments Or Special Instructions” will be displayed here.

How to Write in Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

1 – Access The Pool Service Invoice

The spreadsheet on this page is usable as an invoice for pool services and can be saved to your computer using the “MS Excel” button.

2 – Identify The Pool Service Company And Client

After opening this file, right-click cell A1, then using the menu options change the current picture to your Pool Service Logo. Now, pair your Pool Service’s legal name with your logo above by entering it in next cell of this column (A2). The third cell (A3) requires the full name of the Contractor or the Representative that will accept inquiries or discussions regarding this invoice. It is important that you give some official documentation to solidify the contact information of the Pool Service. Start with cell A4 where the “Street Address” in the Pool Service’s business address is required. The next parts of this address will each have their own cell in A5 and A6 respectively. Most Pool Service Clients would find the “E-Mail” address and “Phone” number useful parts of this invoice. The next cells in this column serve to display such items nicely with the rest of your information  Continue down column A with the “Name” and address of the Pool Service Client in cells A11, A12, A13, and A14.


3 – Supply Invoice Information To Define The Pool Service

The Pool Service being billed through this document should be laid out as a part of standard procedure. This will make sure the Pool Client will have a written point of reference concerning the services he or she is being asked to pay for. Locate the first column in the table on this page. Notice that the heading of this column “Description.” This means the table expects a clear account of the billable services in cell A17. The adjacent cell to this provided definition, cell H17 titled “Amount,” clearly requires the money you expect for the Pool Service we are discussing.


4 – Provide The Pool Client With More Information

We shall now return to column A. In cell A18, tell the Pool Service Client the number of days he or she has to pay the “Amount” you listed above by locating the number sign in this cell, deleting it, then putting the number of days the Pool Service Client has to pay this bill in its place. Cell A19 enables you to give the Client information you believe pertinent to this invoice and the job.