Pressure Washing Invoice Template

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Pressure Washing Invoice Template should be dispensed to your Clients as an official bill or payment request. Since this is a template, you may tailor it for the purpose you choose. For instance, by determining several invoice numbers in advance and producing this on blank invoice templates along with the Company’s header information, you can easily keep a few on the road to dispense on-site for a last-minute call, just as easily as you can fill this out in your office. This flexibility lies in its formatting and ability to keep a consistent design where material unifying the Customer, job, and the Pressure Washing Company can be presented for review.

How Much does Power or Pressure Washing Cost?

  • Per Square Foot: $o.35 – $0.77 (source: HomeGuide)
  • Average Total: $173 – $311 (source: HomeGuide)

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How to Write in PDF and MS Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx)

Step 1 – Save The Pressure Washing Invoice From This Site

The document pictured in the sample preview can be used as an “Adobe PDF” or as a “Microsoft Word (.docx)” file. Either will grant access to the invoice in the preview. As a matter of convenience, the same files are accessible through the caption buttons (“PDF” and “Word”).


Step 2 – Introduce The Pressure Washing Company

This paperwork shall begin with the “Company Name” text box. Locate this item, then replace the phrase it holds with that of the Pressure Washing Company. After the Business Entity Name has been produced, fill in the full “Name” of the Pressure Washing Service Representative handling the Invoice Recipient’s account.  As this column continues, a need for the mailing address is presented. The empty line bearing the label “Street Address” and the one designated as “City, Street, Country” are intended to display this information upon your entry.  Report the official postal code for the Pressure Washing Company’s address on the “Zip Code” line.  It will be important to dispense some additional contact information that enables a quicker response from the Pressure Washing Company. Utilize the lines attached to the “Phone” and “E-Mail” labels to make such contact information available to the Invoice Recipient. 


Step 3 – Adequately Define This Paperwork

This invoice has been divided by several sections that cover the basic topics your Pressure Washing Clients wish to see. The first of these sections will call for the Pressure Washing “Invoice #” that will tie in the details of this document. Look for the blank line with this label in the left side of the horizontal bar underneath the header.  The blank line designated with the word “Date” in the right part of the bar refers to the calendar day the Pressure Washing Company assigns the invoice amount to the Client’s account.    


Step 4 – Address The Pressure Washing Client Directly

The second section of this document seeks to identify the Pressure Washing Client. This entity will be held directly responsible for paying this invoice and thus must be named immediately after the phrase “Bill To.” Furnish this “Name” on the first line available.  The complete address of the Pressure Washing Client is essential to directing this invoice correctly. The “Street Address” and “City, State, Country” lines are available to display this address while the “Zip Code” line allows you to complete it with the appropriate postal code. 


Step 5 – List The Details Of The Pressure Wash

The third section of this document shall consist of a two-column table with the majority of its entries called for in the second column. We shall begin completing this table with the details of the pressure washing job. Generally, a record of the dates and times when the pressure washing occurred along with the location should be produced, however, if a long-term maintenance contract is in place you may also cite it by title and date. 


Step 6 – Price The Pressure Washing Job Accordingly

The next part of this table, “Amount,” will allow us to price the pressure washing job for the Client. Place all applicable pressure washing prices in the “Amount” box.  The next text box down requires that you add all pressure washing prices above to one single dollar sum. This will be the “Subtotal” of the pressure washing services.  Unless a product is manufactured, produced, sold, or otherwise billed to the Client, most states will require a sales “Tax.” Very few will require a service “Tax.” The one in our example has no service taxes placed on pressure washes, thus, unless a physical item is paid for by the Customer, not taxes will apply. We must still verify this with a “0,” since the “Tax” box must list either the taxes being charged or confirm that none apply.
Finally, combine the pressure washing “Subtotal” with its “Tax.” This will be the expected amount for the pressure washing services provided. 


Step 7 – Clearly Inform The Pressure Washing Client Of The Due Date

The third and final part of this invoice will focus on providing any necessary instructions. The Pressure Washing Client this invoice targets should receive instruction as to how long he or she has to pay this bill. The blank line after the words “Payment Is Due In” requests the number of days making up the time when payment is due. 


Step 8 – Pressure Washing Comments And Instructions May Be Included

More information may be delivered through this paperwork on the blank lines after the “Comments Or Special Instructions” label. 


How to Write in MS Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

Step 1 – Obtain The Excel Version Of The Pressure Washing Invoice

This page provides the option of downloading the excel document needed to invoice Customers of the Pressure Washing Company. The “Excel” button on this page will grant access to this file.


Step 2 – Name The Pressure Washing Business As The Sender

The onset of this sheet will require content in cell A1. Here, the logo of the Pressure Washing Company is required. Attach your image file of this logo to this cell so it will display in the upper left corner of the invoice.  Traditionally, the “Company Name” of the Pressure Washing business should accompany its trademark, logo, or banner. Type this name into cell A2 to meet this requirement.  We will also identify a Customer Service Representative of the Pressure Washing Business that is available for the Client’s correspondence and payment. Cell A3 will accommodate this person’s “Name” nicely.  The business address used by the Pressure Washing Company should be considered a necessity for this header area. To display it in the appropriate place use cells A4, A5, and A6 to document the “Street Address” of the Pressure Washing Company, its “City, State, Country” then, it “Zip Code.”  The “E-Mail” address the Pressure Washing Company maintains and the “Phone” number for its office are both expected to close the heading once you provide these items to the contents of cells A7 and A8 respectively. 


Step 3 – Assign The Payer’s Identity To This Paperwork

This paperwork should be guided to the correct entity for payment. Column A allows you to accomplish this with your report on the Pressure Washing Client’s “Name” in cell A11.  Cell A12 and A13 enable you to attach the Pressure Washing Client’s mailing address to this sheet with its “Street Address” and “City, State, Country”   Finish your entry of this address with the Pressure Washing Company’s postal code in cell A14 


Step 4 – Produce Document Information For The Pressure Washing Job

A basic account of the pressure washing job will be needed for the completion of this paperwork. Generally, most Customers will expect the details of the pressure washing displayed for review. Thus, account for the time spent by listing the when the pressure washing service was completed and any accompanying information that aids the Customer’s understanding of the costs you list. This “Description” of the pressure washing service should be delivered in cell A17. 


Step 5 – Furnish The Power Washing Description To This Paperwork

Cell H17 continues the row presented with the pressure washing details. Use this “Amount” field to list the cost of the pressure washing services. 


Step 6 – Define The Applicable Pricing

Proceed through this column to cell H18 where the “Subtotal” value must be fulfilled. This value must consist of the combined costs you attached to the pressure washing job. 

If any service taxes or sales taxes are owed for the “Subtotal” above, then they must be recorded separately in cell H19 

Finally, the “Total” of the pressure washing job owed by the Client will have to be defined by adding cell H18 to cell H19. This final value will be the money that will satisfy this document.   


Step 7 – Apply A Deadline To The Pressure Washing Total

Cell A21 has been set to display an instructional statement in the lower left-hand part of this invoice. Replace the hashtag symbol in this statement with the number of “Days” when a payment must be submitted. 


8 – Produce And Attach Additional Information As Required

Additional terms, “Comments Or Special Instructions” can be placed in cell A22 

Downloads: 1,166