Professional Service Invoice Template

The Professional Service Invoice Template can be considered an essential document in a company’s billing process. As a formatted template, you will be able to present your Clientele with a definitive set of charges that apply to a service your business provided. Such paperwork is often required by bookkeeping departments or any entity that keeps track of its expenditures. When you are ready to seek payment for your company’s professional services, obtain a copy of this paperwork, fill it out accordingly, then make sure it is delivered to your Clientele in a timely manner. It is generally recommended to keep a copy of all such paperwork in your files.

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Professional Services Invoices: By Type

How to Write in PDF and Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx)

1 – Issue This Paperwork To Clientele When Seeking Payment For Rendered Professional Services

The PDF and Word files you can access through this page will deliver a workable professional template to invoice your business Clients.

2 – Your Clientele Will Expect You To Identify Yourself At The Top Of This Page

The name of your business or company is a required item to open this page. Record it in place of the bold words “Company Name” then, document your legal name on the “Name” line below this. Now record your professional address on the following three labeled spaces (“Street Address,” “City, State, Country,” and “Zip Code”). Your professional “Phone” line and business “E-Mail” will also have their own designated areas. Make sure this contact information is supplied.


3 – Introduce Your Professional Invoice With Its Filing Information

The identification number you have assigned to this paperwork and the transaction it defines must be disclosed to the Customer on the “Invoice #” line. Also, date this document on the next available space.


4 – Produce The Billing Information

The portion under the shaded bar, with the “Bill To” heading, will need the identity of the Invoice Recipient provided. The labeled blank lines under this heading will give you an organized manner to document his or her “Name” and “Street Address” before requiring his or her “City, State, Country,” “Zip Code.” Naturally, your professional Clientele will need to see a production of the charges which include a clear definition to the professional services at the focus of this invoice. This “Description” should be adequately documented in the first column of the table occupying the center of this page. Present the dollar amount your Client must pay for the professional services you described in the second column The number of days the Client has to satisfy the cost of these professional services should be documented. Satisfy this requirement using the blank line in the “Payment…” statement under the table. You can supply your Clientele with some additional terms or information regarding the concerned professional services using the “Comments Or Special Instructions” section. 


How to Write in Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

1 – A Professional Services Invoice Should Be Issued To Your Clientele Whenever Necessary

When it is time for a Professional Invoice to be drawn up for a Client, download the excel template using the button or link above.


2 – The Professional Company Invoicing This Customer Should Be Adequately Identified

This paperwork must be immediately recognizable to your Clientele. Thus, substitute the logo in cell A1 with your own and the words “Company Name” (in cell A2) with the name of your own service.  Your name will need to be a part of this header so, input your first, middle, and last name in cell A3.

Details to contact you professionally should also be included. Notice that cells A4 through A9 present the same information one would find on a business card (business address, professional phone line, and e-mail address). The business address used by your professional service should be displayed using cells A4 through A6. Continue giving your professional contact information by listing your “E-Mail” address and “Phone” number.

3 – Invoicing Your Clientele For Professional Services

Standard procedure for this type of paperwork will call for this transaction’s invoice number and invoice date be disclosed to the Clientele receiving this paperwork. You may supply both these items by putting them in cells F4 and H4. We shall continue this invoicing process in the “Bill To” section in cell A11 where you must address the Customer by name then proceed by documenting the full address of the Client utilizing cells A12 through 14 to clearly present this information.   

Finally, you will focus on the professional services you expect payment for. In cell A17, deliver a summary of the services or products successfully delivered to the Client Lastly, you must inform the Client exactly how much money must be paid to fulfill the requirements of this invoice in cell H17


4 – Making Sure Payment Terms Are Set Forth

The number of days making up the grace period you will allow the Client to make an on-time payment can be defined by replacing the symbol “#” in the A18 statement.

The second statement after the table defining your service charges will give you the chance to include additional information intended for the Recipient of this document (if any).