Services Rendered Invoice Template

Services Rendered Invoice Template promotes a well-organized request for payment for physical labor or other nontangible work. You can use this template to deliver the documentation many Clients will request so their records may be completed and payment may be submitted. Of course, this paperwork is also useful in reminding or prompting a Client to payment. You may dispense it as a payment request once you’ve recorded a few basic items to its contents and have made sure to retain a completed version for your records.

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How to Write in PDF and MS Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx)

Step 1 – Acquire The Services Rendered Invoice For Your Use

There will be a few options for obtaining a workable document to bill for services that were rendered. Seek out the “Microsoft Word (.docx)” link above or its complementary “Adobe PDF” counterpart (or the similarly designated buttons near the image) then download this paperwork either as a PDF file or as a Word document.


Step 2 – Report The Business Information Of The Service Company

The Company that has provided the Customer with services or labor should have its legal name on display at the introduction of this document. A text box with the place holder text “Company Name” populating its context will be our first targeted item. First, delete this wording, then input the legal name of the Company issuing this invoice. The name we just provided may be that of a Business Entity or a Contractor so, we will need to solidify the “Name” of an individual that can be addressed when the Recipient (or Client) responds to this paperwork on the blank line below it. Notice this line is attached to a label on its left (“Name”). The mailing address used by the Service Entity sending this will need to be produced as a method of contact for reaching this party. Furnish the address lines making up the Service Entity’s address on the “Street Address,” “City, State, Country,” and “Zip Code” lines. The Service Entity’s business telephone number and professional email address are the next two requirements for this area. Use the blank lines presented (“Phone” and “E-Mail”) to display this contact material. 


Step 3 – Dispense The Invoice Number That Will Attach The Rendered Services To This Bill

The filing number that will be used as a reference point for this payment request will be an expected item. Thus, furnish the document number the Service Entity issuing this bill has determined to be its “Invoice #” on the next blank line in this paperwork. Move across the page to the right to declare the official invoice “Date.”  


Step 4 – Address The Service Customer With The Owed Amount

Now that we have satisfied some prerequisites for this invoice, it will be time to focus on the “Bill To” section. The first line in this section will aim for the identity of the Service Customer. Produce the “Name” of this individual or business entity on the empty line directly under “Bill To” labeled “Name. Record the Service Customer’s current billing address on the “Street Address” and “City, State, Country” lines then his or her “Zip Code” on the final blank line of this series. 


Step 5 – Present A Record Detailing The Billable Services

This paperwork will need to define the rendered services before making a request for payment. To this effect, locate the timesheet on this page, then submit a report consisting of descriptions such as a detail of the tasks performed or the date/times when service was provided in the first column (bearing the designation “Description”). The second part of the table should be populated with the number of “Hours” spent on delivering the required services. Make a record of the “Hourly Rate” applying to the service that needs payment. A multiplication must now take place. You must take the total “Hours” and multiply it with the “Hourly Rate” that applies. This will give you the “Amount” that is owed for the billable time. Continue down this final column so that you can satisfy the “Subtotal” box with the total of all the figures you furnished in the “Amount” box. Many localities will require a “Tax” even on labor and more than this still will require sales tax added to any products being purchased. If either or both statements apply then, record the “Tax” for this invoice in the next box down. The “Total” payment expected for the rendered services should be displayed in the last box of this table. The figure you provide here will need to be easily explained hence our “Subtotal” and “Tax” boxes. Now you must combine the values in these areas then declare this as the “Total” owed by the Customer for the services we detailed above. 


Step 5 – Produce An Instruction For Payment

It is generally advisable to remove any questions as to when an invoice payment will be due. The “Payment Is Due” phrasing near the end of this document will enable you to limit how long the Client may take to pay the reported “Total.” To employ this sentence, locate the blank line just before the word “Days,” then record the maximum number of days that define a service payment made on-time. 


Step 6 – Take Advantage Of An Optional Area If You Must Address Additional Subject Matter

The “Special Instructions And Comments” statement near the close of this document is attached to an empty area submitted for your use. If additional subject matters or documentation must be presented with this invoice you may produce this directly on the blank lines provided or you can name a relevant attachment to this invoice in this area.


How to Write in MS Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

Step 1 – Acquire The Services Rendered Invoice As A Spreadsheet File

You can issue an invoice for the services your business rendered with the Excel document available through the text-link attached to the word “Download” or through the “Excel” button accompanying the preview.


Step 2 – Name The Service Entity To The Payee Role

Your report on the identity of the Service Entity is the first one requested by this spreadsheet. The first cells in column A are devoted to introducing this entity as the Sender and the Party expecting payment (or the Payee). Begin by importing the Service Entity’s official logo and recording its legal business name to the first two cells (A1 and A2). Follow up on the Payee’s identity by naming a Service Representative available for any discussions regarding this paperwork. Record his or her “Name” in cell A3. This spreadsheet shall follow up on this identity by requiring that the Service Entity’s mailing address be furnished with the Payee’s identity. Input the “Street Address” then the “City, State,” and the “Country” of this mailing address in cells A4 and A5 respectively. Complete the contact information of the Service Entity with its official “E-Mail” (cell A7) address and “Phone” (cell A8) number.


Step 3 – Deliver The Document Number Assigned To The Rendered Services

The invoice number that’s been attached to the services being discussed is an important piece of information that helps both the Service Entity and the Payer. This is a unique number that will be used strictly for filing and identification purposes and must be reported in cell F4. Cell H4 contains a calendar “Date” that will be considered the same day this invoice formally holds the Customer responsible for the owed amount. You may edit this to a more appropriate calendar date for the situation at-hand if desired. 


Step 4 – Address The Service Client As The Payer

The set of fields placed in the “Bill To” section and labeled “Name” (A11) through “Zip Code” (A14) are concerned with the identity of the Service Client. The “Name” of the paying Client must be recorded here so if this is a business entity, make sure the full legal name of the entity appears in cell A11. Once done, a submission of the Service Client’s billing address will be required for the balance of this series of cells.


Step 5 – Account For The Billable Hours

A table has been developed and included for your use. The invoice table we shall concern ourselves is divided by four columns that will work with one another to fully explain the due amount to the Services Client. Begin with “Description” which can be found in column A. Cell A17 will expect your report consisting of details such as the work shift(s), job name/number, or details of the services that were rendered. Column F and Column G portions of this table will both seek some numerical values produced from your records to their contents. The total number of “Hours” that was spent engaging in the commissioned service for the Customer’s job must be transcribed from your records to column F while the amount of money the Service Customer must pay for one of these “Hours” must be recorded in column G of this table (“Hourly Rate”). These two values will feed a formula in column H to produce the “Amount” the Service Entity expects for the time spent working for the Customer. The next value you must enter is a reproduction of the “Amount.” This will act as a confirmation for the Client as to how much money is owed without any taxes added and will give you an opportunity to double-check your figure(s). Produce the “Subtotal” in cell H18.

Some services and labors will need to have a sales “Tax” applied. If the services provided were done so in a locality where sales tax must be added then, enter the tax value in cell H19. 

The final required numeral you must supply this table is the “Total” amount of money that must be submitted to the Services Entity to pay for the provided work in full.


Step 6 – Apply Payment Instructions To This Invoice

We have provided quite a bit of information for the perusal of the Service Customer. This has been a summary of what must be paid to who and why. It is now time to discuss “when.” Cell A21 contains the wording to handle this. First, decide how many days the Customer may take to pay this bill. When ready, substitute this number for the hashtag symbol in this sentence. Cell A22 (“Comments Or Special Instructions”) is available for additional topics you wish delivered with this invoice.