Snow Plowing Invoice Template

Snow Plowing Invoice Template is useful in that it can be used anytime a plowing service needs to be billed. You can prepare this document with the billing information of a snow plow job that requires payment, or if preferred, you can print several blank templates and keep them in the vehicle for last minute paperwork. This can be particularly useful on busy days, though, it would be strongly recommended to prepare these copies with your header information and sequential invoice numbers first. The majority of Customers out there will take such a bill seriously because a completed invoice will establish (in writing) for your Client that a set amount of money must be submitted to pay for a service.

Salary & Hourly Wage ($/hr)

  • Salary: $41,440/yr (source: BLS)
  • Hourly Wage: $19.92/hr (source: BLS)

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Bill To
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How to Write in PDF and Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx)

1 – The Buttons On This Page Will Enable You To Retrieve A Copy Of This Invoice

Invoice your snow plowing jobs with the paperwork available through the “Adobe PDF” or “MS Word” buttons. So long as you have the software required to use and/or edit PDF and word processing files, you can access this file then prepare it on screen.

2 – Invoicing The Snow Plowing Job Involves Some Preliminary Definitions Solidified

Your first order of business will be to make sure this paperwork is attached to the legal name of the Snow Plow Service seeking payment. The first field in the upper left is reserved for the Snow Plow Company’s name. The labeled field “Name” will need the full name of the Snow Plow Employee or Contractor responsible for this paperwork furnished.Now that we have provided the required names of the originator of this invoice, we will give the details that make up the Snow Plow Company’s contact information. The “Street Address” along with the “City, State, Country,” and the “Zip Code” of the Snow Plow Service’s address will all have specific areas where they can be placed. Observe the labels, then satisfy the information they request.  The “Phone” number and “E-mail” address the Snow Plow Company uses professionally will also have two fields reserved for their presentation. The next requirement of this paperwork will be to make sure of the Snow Plow Customer’s ability to refer to it in the future easily. The “Invoice #” that is often an integral part of the billing process, needs to be easily located by your Customer when reviewing this invoice. Thus, locate the shaded bar below the heading then input the Snow Plow Job’s invoice number and invoice date to the fields with the appropriate labels. Make sure this information matches that in your files exactly. There will also be a section devoted entirely to positively identifying the Snow Plow Customer and making sure his or her name is paired with the amount owed on this document. The “Bill To” section supplies the same mailing address lines as the ones in the header and should be satisfied with information defining the Snow Plow Customer’s identity (“Name”) and mailing address (“Street Address,” “City, State…,” and “Zip Code.” It is imperative to the proper function of this document that you record this information accurately on these lines.


3 – Employ The Table To Apply The Billable Charges To The Invoice And The Snow Plowing Client

The work done for the Snow Plow Customer will need to be well-documented for the purposes of this document. This may not be necessary to seek full payment with all your Customers however; it is a good practice to engage in. Additionally, it will make sure the Snow Plow Customer knows what he or she is paying for. This is often a must for most bills. Two columns in the table on this page (“Description” and “Amount”) will each serve a specific function: to provide the Snow Plow Job information and cost. Begin with the first column by submitting a concise details on the snow plow job. This can take the form of an address, contract number, date, or all the above but the service the Snow Plow Company rendered (or will provide) should be explained in this area. The second column on this table will simply need how much the Snow Plow Service is charging for the plowing job. This should have already been discussed with the Client, thus, if you have any paperwork regarding this (i.e. estimates, price guide, etc.) make sure they are consulted for verification.


4 – Document The Provisions Effecting The Expected Payment And The Snow Plowing Job

A basic statement will serve a very important purpose near the end of this invoice. The wording “Payment Is Due…” will need to be supplemented with a specific number of days that you determine. Use the blank line in this statement to direct the Customer to pay this invoice within a certain number of days of receiving it by submitting the number on it. The final area where you can pass along information to the Snow Plow Customer if you desire begins with the phrasing “Comments Or Special Instructions.” This is a versatile area that will accept whatever information needs to be given with this invoice.


How to Write in Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

1 – Save The Snow Plow Invoice To Seek Payment From A Customer

Secure this spreadsheet through the “MS Excel” button or, if preferred, the link just over this section.


2 – Your Snow Plow Service Needs To Be Established As The Billing Company

The Snow Plow Service of this invoice should have a recognizable area for the Customer to quickly refer to when it is time to pay this invoice or discuss it. The first few cells in this spreadsheet will serve the purpose of giving your Client the information necessary to do both. First, use cells A1, A2, and A3 to prominently display the Snow Plow Service’s logo, legal entity name, and your full name. Each cell should be supplied with one item and these items should be provided in that order. The cells where the Snow Plow Service mailing address must be featured span cells A3 to A6 in column A. Each one should be furnished with the information corresponding to its current contents. For instance, the building number, street name, and unit number where the Snow Plow Service receives mail is required in cell A4 – labeled “Street Address.” Produce this information as it is requested.The “E-Mail” and “Phone” used by the Snow Plow Service are both methods of contact that need to be included here. Cell A7 will accept the business e-mail address and cell A8 is set aside for the professional phone line.


3 – The Client Concerned With This Paperwork Must Be Obligated To It

It is now time to turn our attention to the next segment of column A. You will note the heading “Bill To.” This terminology is necessary to make sure the name you place in cell A11 will be obligated to pay the funds requested on this invoice.   Once you reveal the Snow Plow Customer’s identity make sure that cells A12 through A14 are populated with the mailing address of this entity.


4 – The Process Of Invoicing Will Necessitate Some Basic Documentation

It is usually a good idea to make sure the Client can refer to this document as easily as you can retrieve it from your system. To this end, you should find cell F4 submit the “Invoice #” to its contents. If necessary, you can also substitute a different invoice date for the current calendar date in cell H4. The services or jobs you performed for the Snow Plow Customer should be adequately documented using this paperwork. In fact, cell A17 has been placed directly in the center of this document in a table so the Snow Plow Customer can easily locate and review the job he or she is being charged for. There will be ample room in this cell to describe the actions taken during the job, the calendar date when it was worked, or the Snow Plow Contract number depending on your reporting preferences. The cell adjacent to this, cell H17, is titled “Amount” thus calling for the full dollar value the Company wishes to receive for the snow plow job.


5 – Placing Terms On Payment Is Strongly Recommended

Cell A18 contains some specific terminology where the Snow Plow Customer will be held accountable to pay this invoice in a reasonable amount of time. This task can be easily accomplished by filling in the number of days that may constitute a grace period for the Snow Plow Customers in place of the symbol after the words “…Is Due In”If there is information that does not seem to fit anywhere else in this paperwork, you can use the cell A19 to include it.