Social Media Marketing Invoice Template

Social Media Marketing Invoice Template should be utilized as a front-runner document in your billing process. Many suggest solidifying your agreements at the onset of a project. This will involve either securing payment or a reasonable deposit for the Media Marketing Company’s services. Regardless of when you wish to send a formal request for owed payment, it would be efficient to make sure the invoice you send remains uniform throughout your system. This allows you to focus on gaining more Clientele and maintaining current campaigns. Once, you’ve decided on the file version you wish to download from this page, you will only need the basic information required to request a payment to complete it. Any additional content may be customized at your discretion.

Salary & Hourly Wage

  • Salary: $132,620 per year (source: BLS)
  • Hourly Wage: $63.76 per hour (source: BLS)

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Bill To
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How to Write in PDF and MS Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx)

Step 1 – Download the Social Media Marketing PDF Or Microsoft Word Invoice

Decide whether you wish to work with this template as an “Adobe PDF” or as a “Microsoft Word (.docx)” file. Use either the links in this are or the choices presented in the caption area to acquire your preferred copy of this template.

Step 2 – Name The Social Media Company Seeking Payment

Begin completing this paperwork by recording the Social Media Marketing Company or Manager’s legal professional name in the first textbox. The header will continue with some standard contact items that should be presented. This begins with the “Name” line where the Marketing Representative or Social Media Marketing Manager’s “Name” must be on display. Input this accordingly. The three lines following “Name” all focus on the Social Media Marketing Company or Manager’s mailing address. Therefore, the “Street Address” and “City, State, Country” lines aid you in presenting this entity’s address while the third completes this record with the entity’s postal code (or “Zip Code”). Dispense the office line or customer service number where the Marketing Client can reach the Manager or Social Media Marketing Company on the next blank line down. This header will insist on finishing on the Social Media Marketing Company or Manager’s “E-Mail” address. A blank line has been submitted for this purpose, if you wish to input more than one address, you may insert additional lines as required by copying and pasting the current label and line.


Step 3 – Identify The Media Invoice Filing Information

A well-organized invoicing process will include the assignment of a unique number to act as the filing or invoice number. Many would consider this an invaluable tool to refer to this document and your Client should be able to locate it easily. The horizontal bar underneath the header will display an empty line on the right of the “Invoice #” label. Look up this information then transcribe it to this line. The invoice “Date” the Social Media Marketing Company or Manager will associate with this bill’s generation is the next required submission by the horizontal bar. Present this as requested on the blank space provided on the right. 


Step 4 – Make A Report On The Media Client’s Name

The Client commissioning the marketing services must be declared as responsible to pay for them. Seek out the “Bill To” heading then fill in the Social Media Marketing Client’s complete “Name” on the first available space.  The three spaces that continue this section enable the Marketing Client’s billing “Street Address,” “City, State, Country,” then postal code to be attached to the “Bill To” “Name” we supplied.  


Step 5 – Present The Media Services Being Commissioned

The social media marketing services that will be provided to the Client once this invoice is paid should be discussed to some extent. The “Description” box requests information such as an agreement’s title/signature date, a social media marketing services package name, or the types of social media services that will be performed for the Client.


Step 6 – All Media Services Must Be Priced

The second column will act as a pricing report for the media marketing services being obtained. The basic costs should be listed in the first textbox underneath the “Amount” heading for each marketing package or contract that was named in “Description.”  Continue to the next textbox box down. This is labeled “Subtotal” because it wishes a sum of the marketing media costs (expected through this invoice) be presented without taxes.  Any service “Tax” or sales “Tax” mandated by the region where the Social Media Marketing Company or Manager operates must be documented apart from the “Subtotal.” Thus, calculate the total sum of taxes that must be added to this bill then record it in the “Tax” box. It is worth noting that while many services may not be taxable in the majority of states, any kind of physical item produced for or sold to the Media Marketing Customer will likely be subjected to a sales tax (i.e. an app or program that must be purchased or hard copy promotional materials). The last part of this table calls for the “Total” being requested by the Social Media Marketing Company (or Manager). Add this invoice’s “Tax” and “Subtotal” together. The resulting dollar amount will be the “Total” that must be paid.   


Step 7 – Declare When The Media Total Is Due

It is strongly recommended that you solidify when the marketing payment is due. Using the invoice “Date” as a beginning, record the number of “Days” the Social Media Marketing Company considers a grace period of payment. Locate the blank line after the instructive phrase “Payment Is Due In…” to complete this phrase and inform the Client of this deadline. 


Step 8 – Gather And Include Additional Content On Remaining Topics

Some Client jobs will be the result of an agreement while others may only be on a project by project basis. If any agreements are involved with this invoice or are the cause of this invoice, then it is generally a good idea to include a copy for the Customer’s satisfaction. The “Comments Or Special Instructions” section will allow you to name any such attachments or include additional dialogue directly to the invoice.


How to Write in MS Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

Step 1 – The Social Media Marketing Invoice Is A Downloadable Excel Sheet Template

The Social Media Marketing Services you will provide to a Client can be billed using the “Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)” link presented above. Select it then download this sheet to your system.


Step 2 – Identify The Social Media Marketer’s Company Or Business Name

The first cell in column A (known as cell A1) seeks the logo or banner the Social Media Market uses to represent his or her business or the Company of employment. You may attach most image file types to this sheet though it is recommended you keep the dimensions reasonably sized for a clean presentation.  Cell A2 and A3 expect the Social Media Marketer’s legal “Company Name” and individual “Name” to be input to their contents. Note: If it is more appropriate you may use cell A2 to give the Client the “Name” of the Social Media Marketing Company’s Customer Service Representative sending this. The next segment of this header requests the full address where the Social Media Marketer receives mail. Split this address down cell A4, cell A5, and cell A6 by replacing the current labels with the Social Media Marketer’s business “Street Address,” “City, State, Country,” and the assigned postal or “Zip Code.”Furnish the “E-Mail” address utilized by the Social Media Marketer for this business in cell A7.  The “Phone” number where the Social Media Marketer can be reached is required in the final cell here. Seek out cell A8 then report the contact number for display.     


Step 3 – Use This Invoice To Attach This Transaction’s Filing Information

Now focus your attention to the right. Cell F4 bears the heading “Invoice #.” Delete the bracketed content, then produce the marketing invoice number defining this bill as its replacement

The invoice “Date” the Social Media Marketer will declare as the first day the amount is owed by the Client is the next concern. Dispense this calendar “Date” in cell H4.    


Step 4 – The Social Media Client’s Billing Information Must Be Attached

Cell A11 has been set after the words “Bill To” and contains the label “Name.” The Client paying the Social Media Marketer for his or her efforts or products must be identified in this field. The next three cells in this section of column A (cells A12, A13, and A14) await your entries defining the Social Media Marketing Client’s full mailing address.


Step 5 – Detail The Commissioned Social Media Marketing Contract Or Services

The table beginning on the sixteenth row grants the space you will need, in cell A17 (“Description”), to adequately discuss the social media marketing service agreement, subscription, product, or service this invoice requests payment to provide. 


Step 6 – Document The Pricing Required By The Social Media Marketing Job  

The next table column (starting with the “Amount” box) sets cell H18 to display the cost of the marketing package, contract, or services for review. Input the full cost being charged to the Client in cell H17 without adding any tax amounts. Cell H18 is meant to satisfy the Customers’ need to view a summary of the media marketing costs by adding all values above. The taxes the regional tax code requires the Social Media Marketer to apply are a required report. Calculate then report them in cell H19. Cell H20 concludes the report on the payment that must be presented by displaying the final sum of the contents in cell H18 and H19. Produce this value to complete the requirements of this table. 


Step 7 – Declare A Deadline For This Payment

Cell A21 presents a symbol within brackets as part of an instruction. This symbol is a place holder for the number of “Days” the Social Media Marketer will allow to pass from the invoice “Date” before he or she declares the unpaid bill as delinquent. 


Step 8 – Additional Instructions Concerning The Marketing Services Or Invoice May Be Documented

You can cover additional topics or deliver instructions to the Social Medial Marketer’s Client using the space provided in cell A22.