Stand-Up Comedy Invoice Template

Stand-Up Comedy Invoice Template adds a level of bookkeeping to your business that is generally expected by most Event Managers or Patrons. While it is relatively simple to develop a good invoice to seek payment from your Patrons, you will benefit from a formatted document that is set and ready to use. You should be prepared to furnish several items that will be used by both your Patron and you to identify the reason for this bill and the obligation it places on the Event Manager or Patron receiving it.

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How to Write in PDF and Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx)

1 – Download The Stand-Up Comedian Invoice

This paperwork can be a valuable resource since it can be applied as an integral part of the billing process when payment must be sought for the services of a Stand-Up Comedian.

2 – Present The Stand-Up Comedian’s Information

Turn your attention to the top of this page then record the Stand-Up Comedian’s Company or Performance Troupe’s name to the first field on this page (“Company Name”).  The second line at the top of this page will need a person and not an entity’s name. This will give the Event or Venue Manager the “Name” of an individual with your organization that is approved to discuss this document if necessary.The third, fourth, and fifth blank lines in the header area are meant to make a display of the Stand-Up Comedian’s mailing address.  The above information is meant to allow the Billed Party in this invoice to correspond with the Stand-Up Comedian by mail or in person. In most cases, the Event Manager will wish for a quicker means of communication such as by “Phone” or by “E-Mail.” The final two labeled lines in the “Company Name” section should be populated with this information. 


3 – Dispense The Invoice Number To The Appropriate Areas

A presentation consisting of a shaded bar with two empty lines has been placed in the next section. Enter the “Invoice #” associated with the performance delivered by the Stand-Up Comedian on the first of these lines then, fill in the invoice “Date.”


4 – Define The Stand-Up Comedian’s Performance Being Invoiced

An important part of this process will be to supply some documentation defining the hiring party who will pay the Stand-Up Comedian as well as the venue performance that was provided. Begin with the Event Organizer/Manager’s name and address. The labeled spaces accepting this information, in the “Bill To” area, will divide the required information across four lines (“Name,” “Street Address,” “City, State, Country,” “Zip Code”). This area will hold the party listed in it accountable for the due amount on this paperwork    Before revealing the price being charged for the performance, we should summarize it for the Event Organizer’s records. This is a courtesy often seen on most invoice paperwork that can be presented using the table on this page. The first column is designated with the title “Description.” Often, this information will consist of the name of the venue and the calendar date. If desired, you can also include the hours worked.

To the right of the performance you described will be an additional cell (underneath the heading “Amount”). This field is devoted to giving you the ability to inform the Event Manager of the full price of the performance so make sure this information is accurate and in line with any previously agreed upon value.

5 – Report The Terms Defining When And How This Payment Should Be Submitted

The first sentence under the table (“Payment Is Due Within…”) presents an empty line before the word “Days.” This will refer what the maximum number days the Event Organizer is given to pay this bill.  Include any additional disclosures or directions on the blank lines beneath this statement 

How to Write in Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

1 – Invoice Stand-Up Comedy Performances With The Spreadsheet On This Site

Locate the button linking to the excel spreadsheet displayed with the preview. Follow the prompts after you select this button (“MS Excel”) to save this file. You may work live of course but if you save this template to your system, you can access, work on, and send it offline at your leisure.

2 – Identify The Stand-Up Comedian For The Event Organizer’s Review

The Stand-Up Comedian or the Comedy Troup generating this invoice should be introduced in a memorable fashion. If the Performer or Company sending this invoice has a logo then it should be in a noticeable area on this page. Locate cell A1 and import it as the contents to this cell. The logo you imported should be associated with your entity’s legal name, therefore, include the name of the Performance Company or Troup in cell A2 and the name of an individual authorized to discuss this paperwork in cell A3. If this is the invoice of a single Stand-Up Comedian, you may list your name in cell A2. The person or entity reviewing this invoice will expect to have the Stand-Up Comedian’s contact information definitively reported. The next three cells down column A (A4, A5, A6) allow for this material to be issued in an easy-to-recognize format just before the Stand-Up Comedian’s “Phone” number (A7) and “E-Mail” address (A8)


3 – The Event Organizer Must Be Directly Addressed

The Stand-Up Comedy Performance will naturally take place at a venue of some sort. Therefore, look through your records for the name of the Event Organizer or hiring entity (i.e. private party, agency, etc.) that is responsible for making sure the Stand-Up Comedian (or Company) are compensated for the commissioned performance. The full name of the Event Organizer or Manager will need to be solidified by recording it in the “Bill To” section (cell A11). The cells making up the column directly below this (A12-A14) are strictly for the address of the Event Organizer or Hiring Manager responsible for payment.

4 – An Invoice Number Must Be Delivered To The Stand-Up Comedian Clients

The Stand-Up Comedy Performance being billed will generate quite a bit of paperwork with the venue and Organizer. If the Hiring Manager intends to discuss this paperwork in the future, it will likely serve you well to make sure you have your own filing system set in place to keep track of this performance and the billing process attached to it. Thus, disclose the invoice number for this bill and the performance it refers to in cell A4. In addition to this number, the next cell (H4) is set aside for the invoice date (another important reference item). Typically, this date is the day the invoice was developed and completed so it is set to retrieve the current calendar date.

5 – Discuss The Performance Being Billed Then Submit The Price

You will need to summarize the performance (or recording) the Stand-Up Comedian provided. Cell A17, which includes ample space, has been set to enable a stand-up comedy performance summarized. You will need to refer to the show, the recording, or the performance the Stand-Up Comedy Customer is purchasing in this cell. A clean presentation of the cost of the defined Stand-Up Comedy product or performance being focused on should be made in cell H17 (in the second column).  The 18th row in column A will also supply an area where you can convey important payment information to the Stand-Up Comedy Customer. The sentence populating this cell is worded to demand payment for this invoice within a given amount of time. This number of days must be defined by substituting the bracketed symbol with it. 

There will be one more cell, also in column A but on the 19th row. Use the area presented after the contained label to include information relevant to the invoice but not previously covered.