TV Repair Service Invoice Template

The TV Repair Service Invoice Template enables Repair Shops and Contractors to present a bill for their services. Since this is a template, it is a formatted document containing several clearly labeled areas that guide its Preparer through the entry process. Additionally, the paperwork that is produced will be the same across Clients as this will allow for an easy review by anyone involved. The Tv Repair Service can also opt to preprint this paperwork to fill it out on the road as well as prepare it in the office.

How Much Does it Cost to Repair a TV?

TV repairs range anywhere from $60 to $350 depending on what needs to be fixed. Sometimes fixing a broken TV is reasonable but when the problem is on the screen, the cost to fix it can be significantly more than purchasing a new one.

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Bill To
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How to Write in PDF and MS Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx)

Step 1 – Use The Links And Buttons On This Page To Save The TV Repair Service Invoice

Download the “PDF” or “Word” TV Repair Service Invoice available through the buttons designated with these labels or by choosing the preferred format from the “Download” area above these instructions.


Step 2 – Identify The TV Repair Service Or The Freelance TV Repair Technician

The TV Repair Service issuing this paperwork must be presented as its Sender through the header. For this, find the phrase “Company Name” in the text box at the beginning of the header.  Continue the introduction with the full “Name” of the Service Representative seeking payment for the TV repair on behalf of the Company. This report should be produced on the blank line after the “Name” label.  The “Street Address” and “City, State, Country” lines expect your entry of the TV Repair Service’s business address or the return address for this header presentation. The postal code matching the TV Repair Service’s return address should also be furnished here. Complete this request by filling out the “Zip Code” line. Before we proceed to the next section, some additional contact items will be needed. Thus, record the TV Repair Service’s “Phone” number and “E-Mail” address. Two lines following up on the address you reported will accept these items for display. 


Step 3 – Produce The TV Repair Job’s Invoice Information

The invoice number that is designated to identify the tv repair’s payment request should be included in this paperwork for the use of the Customer. This unique reference or filing number should be furnished on the empty line attached to the “Invoice #.” 

Complete the reference section in the dividing bar by reporting the exact calendar “Date” when the TV Repair Service formally requests payment. 


Step 4 – Name The TV Repair Customer As The Invoice Payer

The TV Repair Customer being invoiced is the topic of the third section. Under “Bill To,” make a record of the TV Repair Customer’s Name and mailing address. Four empty lines are available for this report to be made beginning with the “Name” line continuing with the “Street Address” and “City, State, Country” lines, and concluding with the “Zip Code” line.   


Step 5 – Detail The Repairs Needed For The Television Unit

The main topic of this invoice will be the repair that requires payment. Before the TV Repair Service seeks its payment however, a “Description” of the effected repair should be provided. The first column in the table occupying the body of this bill requires items such as the date of the repair, what was repaired, any billable TV parts, and, if relevant, how long the repair took. 

Step 6 – Declare The Cost Of The Repair

After describing the TV repair, inform the Client of the basic cost for the parts and labor required to complete it in the “Amount” column. 

Many Customers will seek a summary of the costs being place under their responsibility, especially if more than one “Amount” is reported as being owed. Thus, produce the sum of all owed amounts as the TV Repair “Subtotal” in the next field down. 

Many states will expect a sales “Tax” to be applied to the “Subtotal” especially if any supplies or parts must be paid for. The “Tax” field in this table should be populated with the value you calculate and report as the sales or service taxes that must be paid for.  The “Total” field will serve as the display area for the result of the TV repair job’s “Subtotal” plus taxes. Add these values then assign it as the “Total” cost of the TV repair to the Client. 


Step 7 – Attach The TV Repair Payment Deadline

Often, it is a good idea to solidify a time frame that marks the ‘grace period’ afforded to the TV Repair Customer. This is a period of time between the Invoice “Date” and the day payment should be received with an on-time status. The number of “Days” after the invoice “Date” that first marks this document as ‘late’ if unpaid should be presented on the blank line after the words “Payment Is Due…” 

Step 8 – Conclude This Paperwork With Relevant Remaining Topics

If the TV Repair Service wishes additional instructions or dialogues included, then you may take advantage of an optional area after the words “Comments Or Special Instructions.” 



How to Write in MS Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

Step 1 – Access The Spreadsheet Template To Bill TV Repair Customers

The Excel version of the invoice used to bill TV Repair Customers is accessible using the “Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)” link following the word “Download” above or the button labeled “Excel.”

Step 2 – Name The TV Repair Service Seeking Payment

This paperwork will need to open with several items that inform the Recipient of its issuer. The beginning of column A is reserved for such material and will display it in the top left corner of the completed and printed document. Satisfy this area with the TV Repair Service’s logo in cell A1 and its legal “Company Name” in the cell that follows below it (cell A2).  The return address the TV Repair Service wishes used when responding to this invoice is the next report. This production requires your entry of the Preparer or Customer Service Representative “Name” as well as your submission of the business address of the TV Repair Service using cells A4 (“Street Address”), A5 (“City, State, Country”), and cell A6 (“Zip Code”) to deliver this material to the Customer.
Continue to cell A7 to supply the TV Repair Service’s “E-Mail” address then to cell A8 where you must complete this section with a recording of the TV Repair Service’s “Phone” number. 


Step 3 – Deliver The Reference Information Needed To Discuss This Document

Before we tend to the body of this invoice, a basic identification of the document being prepared should be dispensed for easy reference in the future. Thus, locate the assigned invoice number (determined by the TV Repair Services bookkeeping or accounting system) then transcribe it to the contents of cell F4 as the TV repair assignment’s “Invoice #.”  Cell H4 automatically assigns your desktop calendar day as the “Date” this invoice is completed as a formal bill for the concerned TV repair. This calendar “Date” is provided as a convenience and may, at your discretion, be deleted and replaced with one more appropriate to the current TV repair job. 


Step 4 – Directly Address The TV Repair Customer

Generally, most Recipients will understand the invoice being developed is aimed at them, however, it is always a good idea to solidify the identity of the TV Repair Customer in the concerned paperwork. Cell A11 is the first cell in the next portion of column A that requires attention and is reserved to address this concern. Produce the full “Name” of the TV Repair Customer in cell A11.  The complete mailing address of the TV Repair Customer is also needed. Cell A12 and A13 are reserved for your submission of the TV Repair Customer’s “Street Address” and “City, State, Country.” Complete the TV Repair Customer’s mailing address by entering the “Zip Code” in cell A14. 


Step 5 – Document The Effected TV Repairs Requiring Attention

The TV repair that was completed should be cited before a request for its payment is made. Thus, refer to the records then submit the date of repair, the reason for the repair, and, if relevant billable parts and labor. Many Repair Shops simply list parts however, if it is appropriate, you may also list the time it took to repair the television. This would be expected if the Customer is a corporate account rather than a private citizen. 


Step 6 – Inform The TV Repair Customer Of The Owed Amount

Now that we can present the cost of the repair, we will break down the “Total” by first listing the price of every television repair documented in the “Amount” field (cell H17). Do not account for any taxes in this stage of your report, even if you are pricing a physical item.  Cell H18 is the next cell in column H and requests the sum of all television repair costs be added to a single number then presented as the television repair job’s “Subtotal.”  The previous two fields have not handled the topic of taxes because any taxes the TV Repair Service must add to the “Subtotal” should be a separate submission. Locate cell H119 of the current column, then populate this field with the total sales and/or service “Tax” owed for the television repair’s “Subtotal.” You must calculate this figure based on the local tax regulations that apply to the TV Repair Service’s “Subtotal” for this invoice. In our example, Montana does not assess a sales tax for television repairs. Thus, the dollar amount of “0.00” is entered as content. We will complete the report on what is owed for the television repair(s) by adding cell H18 (“Subtotal”) and H19 (“Tax”) then producing this as the display in cell H20 (“Total”). 

Step 7 – Report The Preferred Dates Of Payment

Many would agree that a subtle precaution to take against late payments is to document how long after the invoice “Date” that no response or payment will result in further collection efforts by the Television Repair Service. Report this as a number of “Days” with the language in cell A21 by deleting the number sign and replacing it with this number. 


Step 8 – Furnish Remaining Instructions Or Discussions As Needed

If additional documentation is needed (such as instructions for payment or television care) then make a direct production in cell A21 after the words “Comments Or Special Instructions”