Window Tinting Invoice Template

A Window Tinting Invoice Template is the paperwork that can be issued when a tinting job (whether for a vehicle or a structure) must be paid for the concerned Client. Naturally, the payment request should be made in writing and is expected to have several presentations within its contents. For instance, a brief discussion of the tinting and its costs will be appreciated and considered good record-keeping by your Clients. If desired you may also customize this template to include additional sections or material at your discretion.

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How to Write in PDF and Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx)

Step 1 – Use This Page To Download Paperwork Necessary To Bill Window-Tinting Clients

You may use the document available through the “Adobe PDF” or “Microsoft Word (.docx)” links to access the Window-Tinting Invoice in either format. Of course, you may also take advantage of the buttons under the preview for the same purpose.


Step 2 – Introduce The Window Tinting Company Or Technician Sending This Document

It will be important to make sure this document immediately displays the Window-Tinting Service or Technician’s “Company Name” when the Recipient first views it. Thus, substitute the term “Company Name” with that of the Window-Tinting Service or Technician. Keep in mind if this is a Freelance Technician who operates individually, then use his or her full Professional Name as the contents of this textbox.  The “Name” line, beginning a series of designated blank lines, refers to the individual representing the Window-Tinting Service or Technician’s Company. Report this “Name” where requested underneath the “Company Name.”  Next, the full mailing address used by the Window-Tinting Service or Freelance Technician should be supplied down the next three lines. There will be a line reserved for the Window-Tinting Service or Technician’s “Street Address,” one for the “City, State, Country” and a blank line for the Window-Tinting Company’s “Zip Code.” Document all items on the blank lines bearing the appropriate designation.  The telephone number where the Window-Tinting Business may be reached, and the “E-Mail” address should be included here. Locate then utilize the space labeled “Phone” and “E-Mail” to document these items for the Window-Tinting Client’s use.   


Step 3 – Assign Some Specific Information Needed To Classify This Document

The filing information that your Window-Tinting Client will use to speak about, handle, and store this paperwork should be recorded as a unique window-tinting job “Invoice #” on the first blank line below the header. Seek this item out in the shaded divider between the “E-Mail” you recorded and the next section (“Bill To”).  Before we proceed to the next section, we should attend to the blank line labeled “Date” on the right-hand side of this page. This will be the formal “Date” of effect for this invoice and begins the countdown for payment. We will give a specific countdown later but, for now, determine the first calendar day of this invoice request then input its full “Date” on this line.


Step 4 – Name The Window-Tinting Client

The Window-Tinting Client is the next topic of discussion we will focus on. In the next section, “Bill To,” we will need to input this entity’s full “Name” on the first blank line presented to obligate him or her as the Paying Client.  When you have documented the Window-Tinting Client’s full “Name,” proceed to the three blank lines below it. These will request the “Street Address” and “City, State, Country” used in the Window-Tinting Client’s address then, on a third line, his or her “Zip Code.” 


Step 5 – Define The Window-Tinting Service Being Paid For

Most of your Clients will want a basic summary of the service being paid for. In this case, the service number assigned to this job, the dates involved, shifts, contract title, or tinting package can all be used to define the window-tinting job that must be paid for. The “Description” box in the table will allow you to document the window-tinting job’s dates and products that require payment. Use this box to produce a report for your Client on the window-tinting service provided. 


Step 6 – Price The Window-Tinting Job

The window-tinting job you have just defined should have its pricing adequately documented. That is, a brief breakdown is required and may be presented in the second table column “Amount.” Record the base cost of each item you defined as requiring payment in the “Amount” box making sure to correspond the prices with the service. The “Subtotal” box below your amounts report will seek the sum of these amounts even if only one was produced. Therefore, fill in the “Subtotal” box with the full value in “Amount” without adding taxes. Quite a few window-tinting jobs are part of larger jobs, promotions, or even winnings.  If the window-tinting job being billed is eligible for a “Discount” then record the discounted amount in the box underneath “Subtotal.” Keep in mind, this box expects a dollar value and not a discount percentage rate.  The “Tax/VAT” box of the “Amount” column seeks to continue your report with the full dollar value of taxes being added to the base cost you reported in the previous box. Calculate then produce this tax amount in the next box down (directly under “Discount”).  The “Total” that you expect the Window-Tinting Client to pay will have an area of presentation in the box concluding the “Amount” column. Add “Subtotal,” subtract any “Discount” applied (from the “Subtotal”), then add the value in “Tax/VAT.” This is the window-tinting job’s “Total.”


Step 7 – Declare When The Window-Tinting Client Must Pay

A sentence acting as the window-tinting table’s conclusion will begin with the verbiage “Payment Is Due Within…” then lead to a hashtag or pound sign symbol with a blank line. Here, you must fill in the number of “Days” from the window-tinting job’s invoice “Date” that the Client is given to pay on time. 


Step 8 – Continue With Content Regarding The Tinting Or This Document

There may be content regarding the tinting or the expected payment. If so, take note of the blank lines “Comments Or Special Instructions” where you may continue with additional information as needed.


How to Write in Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

Step 1 – Download The Window-Tinting Excel Invoice

Begin by seeking out either the link above (reading as “Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)”) or the “Excel” button coupled with the preview image.


Step 2 – Introduce The Freelance Window-Tinting Technician Or Company

Attach the Window-Tinting Business legal logo or trademark image to the first cell (A1). This field will allow a direct upload from your system, however, if this is not a reasonably sized file, you may have to alter its size to fit correctly (click and drag on the corners if so).  The next two items work with the Tinting Business’ trademark or logo to identify the Invoice Sender generating this paperwork. Type in the full “Company Name” of the Window-Tinting Business in cell A2 and the “Name” of the Window-Tinting Employee in cell A3.  Standard procedure with nearly all correspondence will require that a return address be included for display. The return address for this invoice will need to be input using three different fields or cells. The “Street Address” of the Wind-Tinting Business address is the first concern. Place it in cell A4 then continue with the “City, State, Country” in cell A5. Produce the postal code assigned to the Window-Tinting Business’ reported address in cell A6  Cell A7 of this column will seek a record of the “E-Mail” address produced to its contents. Satisfy this request with the Window-Tinting Business’ “E-Mail” then continue to cell A8 with this entity’s “Phone” number 


Step 3 – Categorized This Document As An Invoice From The Window-Tinting Business

The Window-Tinting Business’ should apply the accounting system it uses to this paperwork so that a unique “Invoice #” may be generated and assigned to the job being discussed. Report this detail to cell F4. 

Next, confirm the passport service invoice “Date” as the current day displayed in cell H4 or change it to one of your choosing.


Step 4 – Identify The Window Tinting Client

The next industry standard this paperwork expects is a clear identification of the Paying Client. Cell A11, the first cell in “Bill To,” is set to accept the Window-Tinting Client’s “Name.” 

Cell A12 will display the “Street Address” for the Window-Tinting Client’s mailing address above once you supply it. After doing so, proceed to the two cells below it (Cells A13 and A14) where the “City, State, Country,” and “Zip Code” must be produced. 


Step 5 – Discuss The Tinting Service Provided

Cell A17 of this sheet shall provide a specific area where you may give a reasonably descriptive record on the window-tinting job that was commissioned. 


Step 6 – Dispense The Costs Involved With The Tinting

After describing the window-tinting, document its base price in cell H17.  Cell H18 is meant as a summary of the “Amount” cell above. Thus, if more than one cost was reported above add them to one another as a “Subtotal” for this invoice and produce this figure for review in cell H18. Cell H19, otherwise known as “Discount,” has been held in reserve should the Window-Tinting Company will apply a discount amount. If so, input this figure directly to this field. The service or sales taxes required by the Window-Tinting Business’ local government must be input in cell H20.  Complete the table with the owed “Total” the Window-Tinting Client must pay. Reach this figure by subtracting the “Discount” from the window-tinting project’s “Subtotal” then adding the “Tax/VAT” figure. Once you’ve reached this number, enter it in cell H21. 


Step 7 – Inform The Tinting Client Of The Payment’s Deadline

The field bearing the statement “Payment Is Due…” (cell A22) will need your input to explain the number of “Days” the Window-Tinting Client may take to gather funds without being penalized or considered late for nonpayment. Substitute the bracketed symbol in this cell with the Window Tinting Client’s time limit to pay this bill. 


Step 8 – Include Tinting Instructions And Other Content If Required

If the Window Tinting Business wishes to continue presenting material to the Client then cell A23 may be used to do so. If care instructions, warranty information, or payment instructions must be included then enter such material directly after the label “Comments Or Special Instructions”