Legal Consultant Invoice Template

Legal Consultant Invoice Template should be employed when it is time to collect payment for consultations provided to a Client. There are quite a few benefits to generating such paperwork. For example, by developing a basic summary of the factors contributing to the amount owed for the Legal Consultant’s work, you will have a clear reference shared by both the Client and you regarding the job performed. This generally aids in promoting a timely payment from the majority of Clients.

Salary & Hourly Wage ($/hr)

  • Salary: $71k per year (source: PayScale)
  • Hourly Wage: $20.76 per hour (source: PayScale)

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How to Write in PDF and Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx)

1 – Obtain The Adobe Or MS Word Invoice To Bill For Legal Consultation Clients

Save the Legal Consultation Invoice to your machine using the buttons or links provided. The buttons will each be labeled according to the file type you will be able to access when it is selected.


2 – Identify The Legal Consultant Originating This Document

The Sender of this invoice must be immediately recognized. To this end, we shall place your identity and some contact options at the top of this page. To this end, the Legal Consultation Business or Firm name should be entered in place of “Company Name.”Now, we should try to give the Client a specific party to contact regarding the legal consultation or this paperwork. List this representative’s full name on the “Name” line then, record the Legal Consultant’s mailing or business address down the three blank spaces that follow. The Legal Consultant’s “Phone” and “E-Mail” should both be documented in this area. Two blank lines have been furnished for this purpose.
Now, we should focus on identifying the paperwork defining the legal consultation being billed. This will be accomplished by recording the official “invoice #” that will attach the Client to the services you provided to the amount being billed. In addition to this definition, supply the invoice “Date” on the next empty line.


3 – Report Details Regarding The Legal Consultation Client And Meeting

The “Bill To” portion of this paperwork must deliberately name an intended Recipient or Payer of this invoice. You will need to furnish the first two lines “Name” and “Street Address” with the legal “Name” of the Legal Consultation Client then, the building number, street name, and suite number (“Street Address”) where he or she receives mail. The fourth field will require the city, state, and country of the Legal Consultation Client’s address while the fifth, “Zip Code” will allow you to finish reporting this information. We have identified the Sender of this paperwork, this paperwork, and its Recipient (the intended Payer or Legal Consultation Client). Our next task is to summarize some information to identify the meetings or sessions the Client must pay for. The next item on this invoice, a brief table, will provide a basic structure for this task. Begin by documenting or listing the consult meetings requiring payment in the “Description” column. The second and third columns will allow an explanation for the invoice amount by giving you a place to itemize the consultation “Hours” of each meeting and the hourly rate that must be paid for this time. We must now summarize some figures for the Client. First, multiply the “Hours” and “$/Hour” figures that were recorded in the second and third columns then input this number as a dollar value in the “Amount” column. The “Subtotal” box will require the sum of all the numbers you entered in the column above.  If your business is required to charge the Legal Consultation Client a government “Tax” for the meeting(s) being invoiced here, then enter it in the next box.  Finally, we must add the “Subtotal” to the “Tax” and present the Client the “Total” cost of the meetings defined above.


4 – Terms For The Expected Payment May Be Defined

The “Payment…” sentence contains a blank line reserved for the maximum number of days the Client may take to submit the dollar amount. The blank lines below this area will accept any information applicable to this invoice


How to Write in Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

1 – Save The Legal Consultant Service Invoice In Your Computer

Once you have gathered your information, download this invoice as an Excel document by accessing it through the link above or the “MS Excel” button.


2 – Provide Your Legal Consultant Service Information To The First Rows

The first eight fields of column A will focus purely on identifying your business as the entity that requires payment for this invoice. Your identity can be quickly supplied by populating cell A1, A2, and A3 with your Legal Consultant Service logo, the full name of the Legal Consultant Service, and your name.  The next five rows will then guide you to present a few options to contact you. First, submit your address to the fourth, fifth, and sixth cells of this column. Then, in cell A7, input the Legal Consultant Service “E-Mail” address.  Some Clients may prefer contacting you by phone rather than writing a letter or e-mail. Thus, produce your Legal Consultant Service’s “Phone” number in cell A8.


3 – Disclose Some Filing Information To The Top Of This Sheet

Your Legal Consultation Clients may wish to keep track of their books and have a filing system in place to do so. This system and yours will need to be able to agree on how to refer to this document. Use cell F4 to address this dilemma by entering the invoice number you will use to keep track of the Client’s account in this matter. Cell H4 will supplement this I.D. with an invoice date that you may leave as the current date or change to one of your choosing. 


4 – Your Legal Consultation Client Needs To Be Identified For This Document

You will wish to make certain the Client quickly realizes he or she is held responsible for the work you are charging him or her for. The “Bill To” heading of this invoice will aid you in meeting this goal when you fill in the full name of the Legal Consultation Client. Report this entity’s “Name” in cell A11 then make sure to report the Legal Consultation Client’s address utilizing cell A12, A13, and A14.

Now we will utilize formatted table to record information regarding the consultation meetings that took place. List each Legal Consultation by date or contract in column A, using one row per meeting report.The length of time of each of these meetings should be reported in “Hours” in column G.  Next, the amount of money the reported consultation will cost per hour will have to be solidified in the G column. 

By now, the “H” column will have calculated how much the meetings will cost individually and as a whole, however, you will need to declare how much in “Tax” the Client must pay in cell A28. The figure you enter here will automatically contribute to the “Total” presented below it.


5 – Provide A Summarized Account Of The Client Meetings

A30 has been supplied with a sentence where you can inform your Legal Consultation Client of how many days, he or she has to pay this invoice before you consider it late. Notice the bracketed sign in this statement then substitute it with this number of days.  In the event more material is required for this paperwork, cell A31 will contain ample area to either document it or cite an attachment you intend to include with this invoice.