Freelance Consultant Invoice Template

Freelance Consultant Invoice Template is a standardized document that can be used to request payment from Clients when money for a consultation is owed. Such transactions will often generate quite a bit of paperwork, so having a formatted invoice that is ready for use at a moment’s notice and can be completed relatively quickly can be an invaluable tool for your billing process and the operation of your business as a whole. On the Client side, he or she will appreciate having all the information pertinent to the job and the cost of the job in one place.

Hourly Wage ($/hr)

  • Hourly Rate: $30.52 per hour (source: PayScale)

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How to Write in PDF and Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx)

1 – Save The Consultation Service Invoice

The paperwork required to bill your Consultation Client can be saved in one of three formats. For the purpose of this section, select the button “Adobe PDF” or the button “MS Word” and save the file to continue. When you are ready to bill the Consultation, Client access the file you saved.


2 – Introduce Your Consultation Firm By Name And Contact Information

You, as the Sender of this invoice, should begin this process by self-reporting your information at the top of this page. Locate the line labeled “From” then, input your name as the Sender of this invoice. Your building number and street name should be entered on the “Street Address” line. Make sure to include your apartment number if you live in a building.  Continue supplying your address with its “City, State, Country,” and its “Zip Code.” Your preferred “E-Mail” address and the “Phone” number where you receive business calls should be submitted to the last couple of blank lines of this section.


3 – Your Firm’s Invoice Number For This Document Must Be Included

Generally, your Consultation Service or Firm will be expected to have a filing system that assigns a unique and specific number to identify this document. The line attached to “Invoice #” will both allow and require a record of this ID number be presented. The blank line to the right will also require some information to define this document. This consultation job’s invoice “Date” should be entered on the next blank line.


4 – Document The Consultation Client’s Name And Business Information

The individual or entity that will pay for the consultation should be clearly attached to this document and the responsibilities it places on the Consultation Client. The blank line, “Name,” in the “Bill To” area allows for this entity’s identity to be recorded.  Make sure to also provide the Consultation Client’s mailing address to the next three blank spaces in this section. If the Consultation Client’s business address is the same as his or her mailing address then supply this information to the “Street Address” line, the “City, State, Country” line, and the “Zip Code” line.


5 – The Consultation Service Provided Must Be Defined And Billed

Occupying the main area of this document is a basic table where you can record the billable “Hours” spent on this consultation job. Keep in mind that you should only record one shift per row. Input the “Description” of each shift in the second column then hourly rate required for these services in the third column.  The final column must contain the results of several calculations on this invoice that must be performed. Multiply the number you entered for “Hours” with the hourly rate your recorded in the third column. Then, put the answer in the “Amount” column. You must do this for each row making sure to restrain your work only across rows and never down a column. Now, enter the total of all the figures you calculated and presented in the “Amount” column. This total should be placed squarely in the box labeled “Subtotal.” It’s important to make sure that your figures are accurate in this column.  If the Consultation Client will be held accountable for a “Tax” amount, you will need to itemize this dollar amount for the Consultation Client by entering it in the appropriately labeled box. The sentence “Payment Is Due…,” directly underneath the invoice table is strictly to give the Consultation Client a payment deadline. Utilize the blank space in this statement as a place to enter the maximum number of days the Consultation Client may have to make a payment that is still considered on-time.  If the information for the Consultation Client must still be included, then you may make sure this material is reported on the “Comments…” line.


How to Write in Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

1 – Secure Your Copy Of The Consultation Invoice This Page Displays

The Excel document on this site can be accessed using the button labeled “MS Excel”


2 – The First Column In This Spreadsheet Focuses On Identification

The initial rows of the “A” column is designed to act as a presentation area for the parties involved with this invoice. Obviously the first party to be identified should be the Sender – your Consultant Company. First, upload and furnish your Consultant Firm’s logo to cell A1. You must enter your business “Name” and your Consultant Firm’s “Street Address” in cell A3 and cells A4 through A6 (respectively).  The Consultation Business’ up to date “E-Mail” address must be input to cell A then its “Phone” line to cell A8.

Cell A12 will require input so your Consultation Client can be identified and attached to this sheet.  In addition to the Consultation Client’s name, produce his or her complete address to cells A13, A14, and A15.


3 – Your Consultation Invoice Number Must Accompany This Bill

The unique filing number you have assigned this document and the calendar date of its generation are both items that your Consultation Client will want to have for his or her reference. Input the invoice number you have assigned to cell F4 then record the date of this document to cell H4.

A formal presentation of the job performed for your Client should be the centerpiece of this bill. Notice the four columns making up the table on row 18. Column A on this row provides the first set of cells where details regarding the Consultation can be entered. This “Description” column should be populated with some form of reference for the benefit of the Consultation Client’s benefit.  The second and third columns in this table will use the figures you detail here as factors in an automatic calculation whose results will display in column H. Begin by listing the number of physical hours you spent working on the Consultation Client’s job in the “F” column (bearing the label “Hours”) then record the exact dollar amount you require per hour in the “G” column (labeled “$/Hour”). The “H” column will then use its contained formulas to present your Consultation Client with the job totals.The “Tax” that you must charge the Consultation Client is also a number you must supply to this invoice. Submit this value to cell H25


4 – Additional Terms And Comments Can Be Submitted With This Paperwork

Most businesses will give their Clients a number of days to pay their bills before an account is considered late. If this is the case with the Consultation Firm sending this invoice, then the Client must be informed. Cell A28 contains a statement with the language to inform the Client of this number of days but you must report the number. Do so by substituting the brackets with this number.  Cell A29 will also serve as a method of delivering additional material or information the Consultant’s Client should have available but has not been covered thus far. Use the space after the statement in this cell to deliver any supplemental information necessary.