Camera Assistant Invoice Template

Camera Assistant Invoice Template acts as a front-line correspondence tool in requesting payment for the project assistance you provided your Clients. This will be expected by all entities who you request payment from regardless of whether they are Photographers, Editing Studios, Production Houses, or simply a commercial entity self-producing a commercial.  Normally, good record-keeping practices will demand that such transactions are accompanied by a paper trail that begins with a job order and ends with a payment. This document is often considered a staple in a well-maintained filing system or bookkeeping system.

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How to Write in PDF and MS Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx)

1 – Save The Invoice Here To Bill Customers For Camera Assistance

The billing document required to invoice your Camera Assistance Clients is available as a “PDF” and “Word” file by selecting the button labeled with your file choice from the caption area of the preview image.


2 – Produce The Camera Assistant’s Contact Details

The “Company Name” used by the Camera Assistant for his or her business is the first item you must supply. Produce it in the first field of this form.        Document the Camera Assistant’s legal “Name” then his or her full business address on the first four blank lines of this header. Keep in mind that the Camera Assistant’s mailing address should be split down the next three lines so you must enter the Camera Assistant’s building/street/suite number on the “Street Address” line, his or her “City, State, Country” on the next line down, and the “Zip Code” on the blank line requesting it.             Record the Camera Assistant’s business “Phone” and “E-Mail” information to the next two blank lines.               


3 – Identify The Reference Material Necessary To Discuss The Camera Assistance

The Photography Studio or Production House being billed through this invoice will need some way to refer to this document. The “Invoice #” line is reserved for your entry of this information.               Next, the Camera Assistant’s invoice “Date” for this paperwork must be produced on the blank line to the right         


4 – The Photographer Or Studio Being Billed Must Be Named

The section titled “Bill To” contains several blank lines where you must input the full “Name” of the Client paying for the assistance with the equipment or software required for the camera assistance project.            Follow the lines labeled “Street Address,” “City, State, Country,” then “Zip Code.” Display the mailing address of the Camera Assistant on these lines. 


5 – Summarize The Camera Assistance Ordered By The Photographer Or Studio

A report on the camera assistance will be necessary for the function of this paperwork. You can satisfy this requirement in the “Description” box of the invoice table. This area will expect content such as a contract or job name or number, a list of the equipment that was provided or rented, and/or the hours necessary to complete the job.                  Next, input the cost of each item of assistance under the heading “Amount.”           Add all the costs of the camera assistance provided to the box labeled “Subtotal.”             If the Camera Assistant must add taxes, record them in the next box down (“Tax”).                          Report the sum of the “Subtotal” and “Tax” in the final box of the “Amount” column (labeled “Total”).     

You can prompt an on-time payment from your Client by informing him or her what constitutes one. Search for the “Payment Is Due” sentence near the end of the invoice then input how many days the Client may take to pay this bill before being considered late using the blank line in this sentence.                 

The “Comments Or Special Instructions ” statement label acts will call the Recipient’s attention to any additional content you have included on the blank lines next to it.                 


How to Write in MS Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

1 – Save The Camera Assistant Invoice From This Site

Locate the “Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)” link above to acquire the invoice template required to bill Photography Clients for camera assistance.


2 – Identify The Camera Assistant

The first few cells of this invoice require the Camera Assistant Company’s business details. Begin with the Camera Assistant’s Company logo. Import this to the first cell in the first row (cell A1)      Produce the Camera Assistant’s “Company Name” in cell A2 then the Assistant’s legal “Name” in cell A3                         Document the Camera Assistant business’ address by following the cells labeled with address items (A4 through A6) and replacing each item with the “Street Address,” the “City, State…,” and “Zip Code”  where this entity receives mail.                 Generate the Camera Assistant’s telephone number and email address in cell A7 and A8.                   


3 – Bill The Photographer Or The Production House For The Camera Assistant

Furnish the invoice number you will attach to the Camera Assistance Client and the service needed for the project being billed to the contents of cell F4. Once this is done, review the contents of cell H4. If you wish this “Date” to be the one used for this invoice, then leave it unattended. Otherwise, delete the default information provided and replace it with the preferred “Date.”                Your Camera Assistant Client may be a Photographer, a Studio, a Production House, or another entity needing technical support. Find cell A11 then furnish the legal “Name” of this entity to its contents.                     Continue by satisfying cells A12 through A14 (containing the labels “Street Address,” “City, State, Country,” “Zip Code”) with this entity’s legal mailing address.     A reliable “Description” of the camera assistance provided must be entered in cell A17.               Next, in cell H17, input the dollar “Amount” the Camera Assistant expects as payment, however, do not include any taxes in this figure. You will have an opportunity to list such information.         Add all the camera assistance charges and report this result in cell H18.             The taxes that must be added to the Camera Assistant’s “Subtotal” (if any) must be reported in the next field (cell H19).                   Add the contents of cell H18 and H19 to one figure then produce this figure in cell H20.                     


4 – Instructions For Payment Can Be Included

Lastly, determine the number of days (from the invoice “Date”) that will be granted as a grace period to the Client. When you have determined this time frame record this number in place of the bracketed hashtag symbol in cell A21’s statement.                          If any additional paperwork (i.e. receipts for reimbursement) should be attached and were included above then, cite them by name in cell A22. This field will also accept any other relevant comments or material necessary for this invoice.