Commercial Photography Invoice Template

Commercial Photography Invoice Template is issued to Clients who are expected to submit a payment for photography products or services used for the purpose of advertising or other business purposes. This paperwork can be utilized by an independent or business entity so long as it is filled out to completion. Evey section placed in this document will request standard items often presented to secure payment for the Commercial Photographer’s work.

Commercial Photography Average Cost

  • Hourly wage: $150/hr (Source: Fash)

You will likely spend anywhere from $100 to $400 an hour to hire a commercial photographer. The type of photography, shoot location, quality of equipment, photographer skills and  post-processing vary greatly the price of commercial photography.

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How to Write in PDF and Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx)

1 – Save The Commercial Photography Invoice Available Through This Site

The invoice previewed in the image above will enable the first step in the billing process. Download your copy as a PDF or Word file using the appropriate link above, produce the information it requests, then issue it to the Photography Client.


2 – Identify The Commercial Photographer or Commercial Photography Studio

The opening of this page will feature a header composed of one field and a set of labeled blank spaces. Your first task is to produce the Commercial Photographer’s identity and legal contact information. His or her professional work name must be submitted in the first field. A production of the Commercial Photographer’s “Name,” his or her “Street Address,” “City, State, Country,” plus “Zip Code” must be made on the appropriately designated blank spaces. Furnish the Commercial Photographer’s business number on the empty space attached to the “Phone” label. Lastly, enter the Commercial Photographer’s “E-Mail” address. Make certain this information is up-to-date.


3 – The Invoice Number Determined For This Paperwork Is A Requested Presentation

The commercial photography invoice number will have a designated area for presentation on the first blank line in the horizontal bar. The blank space following the invoice number is set for the invoice “Date.” It is strongly recommended that you input the first calendar date this document applies so that it can be taken seriously.


4 – Clearly Document The Commercial Photography Client Identity And Mailing Address

There will be a specific area reserved for the individual or entity that is being billed. It will be important to record the legal identity of the Commercial Photographer’s Client on the space labeled “Name.” Input the Commercial Photographer’s address to the three spaces designated with “Street Address,” the label “City, State, Country,” and the “Zip Code” line.


5 – Produce An Accurate Report Of The Purchase

The Commercial Photographer will have to make certain there is no confusion as to why this invoice has been generated and sent. Therefore, use the box titled “Description” to list the products and/or services that were provided. Enter the “Amount” the Commercial Photography Client must pay.
The next two statements are meant to supplement this invoice. If there is to be a grace period beginning with the calendar day this commercial photography invoice is received, then you must inform the Customer. The blank space in the first statement here should be supplied with the number of days making up this time period.  Additional information that relates to these payment terms, the invoice above, or any other subject can be placed on the blank lines following the word “…Instructions” in the second statement. 


How to Write in Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

1 – Save The Commercial Photography Spreadsheet Invoice

Open the excel file accessible from this site. You can connect to this file using either the Excel link or button presented above.


2 – Column A Should Be Utilized To Record Both Commercial Photographer And Client

Notice the cell containing the clipart in the upper left (cell A1). Replace this generic image with the logo used by Commercial Photographer or the Commercial Photography Studio issuing this document. The full name of the Photography Studio in cell A2. If the entity invoicing the Client is a freelancer or individual, then simply place his or her full professional business name in cell A2. Input the Commercial Photographer’s full “Name” to cell A3. If a Studio has generated this paperwork, then fill in the name of a designated Representative of the Studio to this cell.

The Commercial Photography Studio or business address to Cell A4, 5, and A6.
Cell A7 needs the Commercial Photographer’s “E-mail” address submitted for display.

Enter the Commercial Photography Studio or Photographer’s current telephone number. Place this in cell A8

The Photography Client or Patron paying this invoice will be displayed in its contents. This presentation should occur directly underneath the words “Bill To.” Notice the mailing label style set of cells beginning with cell A11 (“Name”) and ending with cell A14 (“ZIP Code”).


3 – Formally Invoice The Commercial Photography Client

This spreadsheet will begin the invoicing process with a request for its “Invoice #.” Cell F4 is placed in a brief invoice table so you may input this information appropriately. In addition, the commercial photography invoice “Date” has already been designated as the current date in cell H4 but, you may edit this to your preference if desired. Now, we will need a specific area to document the photography products or the studio session that must be paid. Cell A17 will answer this requirement by allowing you to present the details of this transaction in its contents. Cell H17, designated with the title “Amount,” has been set here to display how much money the commercial photography products or studio session provided costs. A standard procedure in the invoice process will be to inform the Photography Client of how much time will be allowed to pay this bill. That is, when will payment be considered late. Enter the maximum number of days a payment may take in substitution of the bracketed symbol in cell A18. Additional material concerning the commercial photography products, services, or invoice will be accepted by cell A19