Event Photography Invoice Template

Event Photography Invoice enables the quick and easy development of the billing paperwork an Event Photographer must send to request payment for his or her photography services. Several areas will work in union with one another both to guide you in the process of invoicing the Client with its contents and producing an easy to read document for the Client’s benefit. It is strongly recommended that when it is time to sit down and record the Client’s job information that you set aside a reasonable amount of time and that each section requesting information be satisfied accurately.

Event Photography Cost

  • Hourly wage: $150 – $250 per hour (Source: Thumbtack).

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How to Write in PDF and Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx)

1 – Save The Event Photography Invoice To Your System

The billing paperwork required to request a commercial photography payment is attached to the “Word” or “PDF” buttons near the image above. The links above will also grant access to either of these formats.

2 – The Event Photography Business Information Is A Necessity

Present the Commercial Photographer’s studio name in the “Company Name” box at the top of this page. If he or she is not representing or employed by a studio then input his or her professional name here. Notice the series of labeled blank lines opening this document. The blank line “Name” refers to the Commercial Photographer handling this job or a Customer Service Representative responsible for contact with the Client. Furnish this information.The mailing address where the Commercial Photography Business receives its correspondence will have its own area of the display. The “Street Address,” “City, State, Country,” and the “ZIP Code” lines will allow a quick submission of this information.The official telephone line used by the Commercial Photography Business can be reported on the blank space labeled “Phone.”Finally, the “E-Mail” used by the Commercial Photographer (or Studio) should be produced on the “E-Mail” line.


3 – Produce Items Detailing The Paperwork And Billable Services

This document will be defined by a specific number assigned to it by the Commercial Photography Business. Often referred to as an “Invoice #” it is the first requirement of the horizontal bar in the next section. Make certain you input this number correctly to help prevent any possible confusion in the future. The first calendar day that this paperwork can hold the Client accountable for the “Amount” you will list should be entered on the blank space designated with the word “Date.”The Client who has commissioned the commercial photographer job will need to be defined by “Name” and address. Notice the three lines labeled with the lines making up an address has been provided. The invoice table, composed of the “Description” and “Amount” Columns, is the staging area where we will attach a price to the Commercial Photographer’s services or the products. Begin this report with a clear definition of the work or items that must be paid for through this invoice in the “Description” column. The “Amount” column requires you record the full amount of money that the Client must pay The statement included after the invoice table has a specific purpose of its own but must have some information supplementing its language entered. This sentence will clearly state the Client only has a limited amount of time to pay this invoice on time. Determine this length of time by dividing it and reporting it as a number of days on the blank space after the words “…Due In”The blank lines at the bottom of this page can be used as an area to include more statements when required.


How to Write in Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

1 – Download The Event Photography Invoice Displayed Above

The displayed invoice above is attached to the above link (“Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)”) or the buttons in the upper part of this page. Make a point of saving a copy you can work with to an accessible location in your system.


2 – The Event Photographer And Client Should Be Easily

The first column on this sheet, traditionally referred to as column A, has a few cells dedicated to the documentation of both parties. Our first task will be to make certain the Event Photographer’s business logo is properly on display. Cell A1 has been reserved for this image so upload it to this field. The Event Photographer’s Company or Professional Name is necessary for this paperwork’s function. It should be furnished precisely as it appears when advertising to cell A2The Event Photographer’s first name, middle name, and last name are required input by cell A3. The header of this invoice will seek a presentation of the Event Photographer’s professional mailing address. Three labeled cells (A4, A5, and A6) will guide you down this column when inputting the Event Photographer’s official “Street Address,” the appropriate “City, State, Country,” and the appropriate postal “Zip Code.” A7 and A8 allow a follow-up to the Event Photographer’s mailing information with his or her “E-Mail” and “Phone” details. Submit these forms of communication accordingly to these cells. Notice the next area in column A will have a specific title. This is meant to clarify exactly who the Client is. This may be an Event Manager, a business entity, or a person. In any case, make sure the legal “Name” and official address are supplied to cells A11 to A14.


3 – Summarize The Event Photographer’s Invoicing Information

The invoice number attached to the transaction details we will include is often considered an integral part of such a document’s identity. Cell F4 will enable a distinct and noticeable area of display for this number while the next field (H4) already names the current date as the “Date.” The cell beneath the “Description” heading of the invoice table is positioned at the center of this document for reason. List every single billable event photography product that the Client will purchase or service that the Client will pay for in cell A17. This document absolutely must clearly display the full dollar “Amount” the Event Client must pay. Cell H17 will accept this dollar value. After filling in the requested information to the invoice table, look to cell A18. The bracketed symbol in this field will need the number of days you will give the Event Photographer Client to pay this invoice. Cell 19 can be used to produce an additional report should more information be necessary.