Portrait Photography Invoice Template

Portrait Photography Invoice Template is a handy document that is integral to a Portrait Studio’s billing process. This template is useable as an on-site bill or can be handled in the privacy of an office. This is because it is already formatted with the sections that your Portrait Clients will both expect and appreciate when presented clearly. Therefore, reserve a reasonable amount of time to fill in the job information since, this will not only act as a bill but also a record of the portrait job that you are billing for.

Portrait Photography Average Cost

  • Hourly wage: $150 per hour (Source: Fash)

You will likely spend between $100 and $400 per hour to hire a portrait photographer. Price vary greatly by region, kind of service (outdoor or studio photography), equipment used and photographer’s reputation.

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How to Write in PDF and Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx)

1 – Save The Portrait Photography Invoice In A Folder On Your Hardrive Or Network

The downloadable links above will allow you to access the desired template. Notice, this paperwork can be saved as an “Adobe PDF” or a “Microsoft Word (.docx)” file.

2 – Input The Portrait Photographer’s Professional Contact Information

At the onset of the Portrait Photography header section, produce the legal name of the Portrait Photography Business in the “Company Name” box at the top.  The “Name” of the Portrait Photographer is a required submission on the first blank space with a label The next space requiring input, “Street Address,” refers to the building number and the road or street in the Portrait Photographer’s address. Naturally, this report should continue on the next two spaces with the remainder of this address. There will be additional Portrait Photographer material that you enter here. The next spaces, labeled “Phone” and “E-Mail,” should have the Portrait Photographer’s current business telephone number then his or her e-mail address.


3 – Define The Portrait Photography Job’s Invoice Number And Patron

The shaded horizontal bar just underneath the opening you have just filled out contains two distinct blank spaces; “Invoice #” and “Date.” This content is usually generated internally (i.e. your bookkeeping department). Thus, refer to the assigned invoice number in your records for this portrait job or determine a unique number to attach to this document. Place this number on the first of these lines and the current date on the second blank space. Note: You must determine what the calendar invoice date should be used as well. The “Bill To” part of this paperwork will act as a method to directly inform the Patron that he or she is financially responsible for the requested “Amount” of money that is due. We shall achieve this by simply placing the Portrait Photography Patrons full “Name” on the first blank space after the “Bill To” heading. After this, produce the Patron’s complete address on the three blank spaces that follow the “Name” line.


4 – Invoice The Portrait Session And Products

The table supplied to the center of the Portrait Photography Invoice will serve as an area where you can stage a summary of the portrait photography session we are billing for with this document. “Description,” the left-hand column, will make a request for a detail of the session and products that must be paid for. Now, in the right-hand column, record the total portrait photography fees. The last part of this invoice will include additional statements though, this section will depend upon your preferences. Generally, it is recommended that an invoice’s Issuer attach a predetermined timeframe to when a payment is made on time versus a payment that is made late. To this end name the maximum number of “Days” that define an on-time payment. If this invoice has not given you the opportunity to report material that should be given to the Patron with this paperwork, then you may include such information on the lines labeled “Comments Or Special Instructions.” 

How to Write in Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

1 – The Portrait Photography Invoice Is A Downloadable Spreadsheet Template

Find the Excel link after the word “Download” or the “MS Excel” button presented with the other file type choices available.


2 – A Report On The Portrait Studio Or Photographer Starts This Paperwork

This sheet will be divided into several parts. The first two parts requiring information are in the first column (“A”). We will begin with cell A1 where the image file containing the Portrait Photographer’s logo can be uploaded and attached for display. Cell A2 and Cell A3 are both dedicated to identifying the Portrait Photography Studio and the Photographer (in this order). Input the legal name of both these entities (even if they are the same) since these cells will present this information with appropriate sizing. The Portrait Studio’s mailing address is necessary for the benefit of the Patron or Payer. Cell A4 through cell A6 are each placed to accept the individual lines of the Portrait Studio’s address. If this the Sender is a freelancer, it would be appropriate to use this area to document the Portrait Photographer’s preferred business address. Finally, let us complete this part of the invoice by entering the Portrait Studio’s telephone number and its electronic mail address in the last two cells (A7 and A8).


3 – Identify The Portrait Studio Client And Purchase

Our next requirement for this paperwork will be a proper addressing of its Recipient, the Patron. For this, focus on cell A11 where you can supply the Portrait Studio Client’s full “Name” You may have noticed the words “Bill To” above this section. For a proper display of the Billed Entity, make certain to include the Studio Client’s mailing address in this spreadsheet by putting the information appropriate to cell A12, A13, and A14. Cell F4 and H4 will give you a distinct table where the documentation of the “Invoice #” and “Date” can occur. Consult the records you have for this paperwork, then input this material accordingly. The basic goal of this paperwork will be to secure payment for the portrait session the Studio Client commissioned. For this, deliver a common reference or summary that both the Studio Client and Photographer use to describe the portrait session or product in cell A17. Price the portrait work in cell A18 with the full dollar value of the job in cell H17. Cell A18 automatically names a deadline once you enter the Client grace period (in days) where the brackets are placed. You can include material covering items such as methods of payment, storage instructions, or virtually any piece of information required. Cell A19 will assume the position of accepting all such content.