Real Estate Photography Invoice Template

Real Estate Photography Invoice Template enables the delivery of your business’ payment request upon a Client. This action will entail the production of the specifics making up the history of this job along with how much is owed for it. Naturally, it would be wise to make sure that all your records are in order before beginning. You will want to be prepared with items such as the billing information the Client provided, the details that will explain the job done and the cost involved, and some reliable contact information.

Real State Photography Pricing

Basic real estate photography:

Driving distance, quality of equipment, time spent on post-processing the photos/videos, turnaround time and specially your region can vary greatly on how much your real state photography shoot will cost.

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How to Write in PDF and Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx)

1 – Save The Real Estate Photography Invoice For This Page

This page will give you immediate access to the real estate photography paperwork you require to issue an invoice. A PDF version is readily accessible through the “Adobe PDF” link or similarly labeled button. Also, you can access the “Word” version through the labeled button or the appropriate link above on this page.


2 – Identify The Real Estate Photography Business

The full Real Estate Photographer’s professional name or business name is the first task we must attend to. Look for the first field at the beginning of this page. Currently, it is displaying the label “Company Name” but you should replace this label with the Sender’s official business name.  Immediately after the business name, you will need to give a comprehensive report on how the “Bill To” Client can contact the Real Estate Photography Business. Begin with the first, middle, and the last “Name” of the Real Estate Photographer (or Representative) on the first of these lines. The mailing address the Real Estate Photography expects his or her correspondence to arrive at is the first detail we should supply after the Real Estate Photographer’s “Name.” For this purpose, you should attend to the “Street Address” line with the building number, street name, and unit number of this address. The two lines below this address line have been placed to accept the remainder of this address in a logical manner. It will be important to make certain that all traditional means of contact are made available here (as a convenience). Therefore, two additional lines have been included here so a proper display can be made of the Real Estate Photographer’s business telephone number as well as his or her “E-Mail” address.


3 – Report The Real Estate Photography Reference Number For This Paperwork

Start the invoice process by defining the “Invoice #” on the first empty line after the heading. Note that the Real Estate Photographer’s accounting or bookkeeping system must be implemented to determine this reference material. Additionally, a solid calendar date must be declared as the first day when this invoice applies. Determine what day of the month and year this is then, enter it on this invoice’s “Date” line.


4 – Name The Real Estate Photography Client

If this paperwork is to apply, we must name who it will apply to. For this, find the “Name” line in the “Bill To” section of this invoice. Such information in this circumstance will necessitate the need to further identify this entity by pairing this name with the location or business address of the Real Estate Photography Client. The next three blank lines here are specifically set here for the Real Estate Photography Client’s full address.


5 – Detail The Real Estate Photography Work Provided

An invoice table occupying the center of this document acts as a noticeable staging area for the details and pricing of the concerned photography session. The “Description” part of this invoice table requires a brief but well-rounded report on what the Real Estate Photography Client is paying for when answering this invoice appropriately. The next part of the invoice table, “Amount,” will allow for the documentation of the price for the job done. Enter this dollar value. The areas concluding this document are composed of two statements. In the first one, inform the Real Estate Photography Client of the number of days given to submit the real estate photography invoice payment. More material can be input to this invoice. Simply input it on the blank lines at the bottom of this document. 

How to Write in Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

1 – Download The Real Estate Photographer Spreadsheet Invoice From This Page

Access the document on this site in a spreadsheet format by finding and clicking the link labeled “Microsoft Excel (.xlsx).”


2 – Identify The Real Estate Photographer, This Paperwork, And The Client

Open the file you have obtained from this page with your excel program then use cell A1 and A2 to present the Real Estate Photographer’s logo and official business name. Upload and enter this material accordingly. Fill in cell A3 with the “Name” of the Real Estate Photographer A valid business address must be given with the Sender’s identity. Notice that as we move down column A, several labeled cells will call for address line details. Utilize cells A4 through A6 as a production area for the Sender’s studio or office address. In cell A7, input this Studio or Photographer’s “E-Mail.” After this address, make a point of delivering the Real Estate Photography business line in the “Phone” cell (A7)Now let’s turn our focus to cell F4 where the reference number used for this bill can be documented. An invoice “Date” that should be associated with this document is already set as the current day. You may enter a different “Date” to cell H4 if this invoice date should be a different one. We shall return our attention to column A once more to invoice the Client. Cell A11 calls for the Real Estate Photography Client’s legal “Name” submitted to its field. Continue this process by documenting the Photography Client’s mailing address. The cell containing the “Street Address” label (cell A12) s0hould have its contents filled with the Real Estate Photography Studio’s building number, street, and (if required) unit number. Cell A13 and A14 will both call for completion of this address in the fields bearing the designation “City, State, Country” and the label “ZIP Code.”


3 – Report The Real Estate Photographs Or Photography Service Clearly

Now as we continue down column A, we will discover the first column of the invoice table. Notice the heading for cell A17 is “Description.” This cell concerns the actual work that was done or the merchandise that will be paid for as a result of this paperwork. You can use this cell as a place to document a contract, work shift(s), and/or merchandise. The payment owed should be documented as a dollar “Amount” in the next table column (in cell H17).


4 – This Process Can Be Completed With Additional Material

The sentence in cell A18 holds the Client responsible to submit payment within a predetermined amount of time from the invoice date. To effectively apply this statement to the Client, enter the predetermined number of days as a substitution for the brackets in this statement. If additional room is required to cover material that must be included, then you may supply such additions to space after the words “…Special Instructions” in cell A18.