Janitor Invoice Template

Janitor Invoice Template is for any type of cleanup of janitorial duties that were hired and serviced on an independent contractor basis. This paperwork can be generated and utilized by independent contractors or companies providing janitorial or maintenance services.  As a template it can be completed using the appropriate programs in your software environment then, printed out for a mailing or emailed to the Client. Also, if preferred, you may prepare several copies ahead of time with the appropriate header and pre-determined invoice numbers so that it can completed on-site then left with the Customer. It is always wise to keep a copy of any paperwork dispensed to your Clients so, if this is intended to be filled out and delivered on-site, it is recommended you either only prepare the header or print at least two of every invoice number.

Salary & Hourly Wage ($/hr)

  • Salary: $26,110/yr (source: BLS)
  • Hourly Wage: $12.55/hr (source: BLS)

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Bill To
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How to Write in PDF and MS Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx)

Step 1 – Use The Appropriate Link Or Button To Acquire Your Janitor Invoice Template

This page shall present access to the displayed template through the “Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)” link next to the word “Download” or the button designated “Excel” captioning the image.

Step 2 – Identify The Janitor Requiring Payment

Before we begin invoicing the Janitor Client, we must identify the Maintenance Company or Janitor expecting payment for services that were rendered. We shall accomplish this goal by inputting this entity’s full legal identity in place of the text “Company Name” in the left-hand corner at the top of the page.  Below this business name, submit the Janitor’s “Name” on the first line empty line of this page. If this is a Maintenance Company, then the Customer Service Representative in charge of this paperwork or account should be named on this line.   The Janitor’s business mailing address is our next request. We must submit this as a “Street Address” on the next line and the “City, State, Country” below this. Notice the “Zip Code” will have a line where it will be displayed separately.   We should complete this section by entering the Maintenance Company or Janitor’s telephone number on the line “Phone” then the corresponding “E-Mail” address this business uses on the last blank line.   


Step 3 – A Definitive Invoice Number And Date Must Be Documented

An official invoice number for the maintenance job must be attached to this paperwork so the information on this page will be tied together by one common factor in the bookkeeping systems of the Sender and Recipient. Thus, an area directly between the information of these two entities will be labeled “Invoice #” and expect this material produced to its contents.    The first calendar day when the Maintenance Company or Janitor attaches an expected payment amount to the services being billed by attaching it to an invoice is commonly referred to as the invoice “Date.”   


Step 4 – Name The Janitorial Client

The entity that will be held responsible for this invoice must be clearly named. Produce this information on the blank line attached to the “Name” label under the “Bill To” heading. This should be the legal name of the hiring Company or the name of an individual who the Janitor or Maintenance Company anticipates a payment from.           The address of the Janitorial Client will help further define him or her. The three lines composing the remainder of the “Bill To” section will allow an organized presentation of the “Street Address,” “City, State, Country,” and the Janitorial Client’s “Zip Code.” Produce this information line by line as requested.   


Step 5 – Record The Janitor’s Billable Hours

The invoice table provided will give us a place to list the janitorial services provided to the Client named above. Naturally, your input will be required to complete this table. Start with an account of the janitorial services or times of work in the “Description” column.  The number of “Hours” being billed must be clearly documented for the Client’s benefit. Input this information in the “Hours” column.    In order to properly explain the bill, you must produce the Janitor’s “Hourly Rate” for display in the third column. This is typically defined as the amount of money earned in one hour of work.   The last column also requires a figure. Take the number of “Hours” being billed then multiply it with the Janitor’s “Hourly Rate.” Place this result in the “Amount” column.    After you have supplied all the “Amount” values, add them to one total (with no tax) in the box labeled “Subtotal.”    In some cases, a “Tax” must be levied on the “Subtotal.” If so, then calculate this amount as a dollar value and furnish it to “Tax.”  The Janitor’s invoice table will only be considered complete when you add the “Subtotal” value and the “Tax” value then present the sum in “Total.” 


6 – Inform The Janitorial Client Of The Payment Deadline

It is generally considered a good idea to name a time limit to a payment made on time. Let the Customer know how many days he or she has before a submitted payment is late (and vulnerable to penalties) by furnishing it as a number of days. This value should be produced on the blank space before the word “Days.”  The ability to continue with additional, more specific, payment instructions or even include additional material such as disclosures, advertisements, etc. is available in the form of a “Comments Or Special Instructions” section. Utilize this section as needed. 


How to Write in MS Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

Step 1 – Obtain The Janitor Invoice As An Excel Sheet

Select the “Download” link labeled “Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)” to generate a prompt allowing you to save this file to your machine. If desired you may preview the template beforehand using the displayed image then select the “Excel” button underneath it fo the same file.

Step 2 – Submit The Janitor’s Contact Information For Display

The Janitor’s business identity or the name of the Maintenance Company sending this document must be produced at the beginning of the spreadsheet. Before doing so, however, upload the business logo used by the Janitor’s Business or Maintenance Company to display in cell A1.    The legal name of the Janitor’s Business (or Maintenance Company) should be placed in cell A2. The full “Name” of the Janitor generating this invoice must be included here as a person to contact regarding this bill. Cell A3 will accept this person’s “Name” once you input it.    A current and valid mailing address for the Janitor’s Business is considered a necessary item for the purpose of obtaining payment and as a standard method of contact for official paperwork. Therefore, submit the Janitor’s address as a “Street Address” in cell A4 then his or her “City, State,” and “Country” in cell A5, and lastly the “Zip Code” in cell A6.
Document the Janitor’s business email address in the next cell down (cell A7). Naturally, the telephone number of a business is often expected with its contact information. Therefore, input the Janitor’s business “Phone” (cell A8). 


Step 3 – Name The Maintenance Client Expected To Respond With Payment

The Maintenance Client who received the janitorial services and must pay this invoice is the other entity we must identify for this paperwork. Produce the “Name” of this Business or Person in cell A11 then continue this documentation with this entity’s mailing address through cells A12, A13, and A14 (“Street Address,” “City, State…,” and “ZIP Code”). 


Step 4 – Include The Material That Officially Defines This Paperwork

This invoice will need to have one unique piece of information that can attach all the items we report to one piece of paper. The Janitor will likely provide similar services to a variety of Clientele, render different services to this Customer on multiple occasions, and of course, his or her contact information will be found in multiple places throughout his or her filing system. Thus, you must generate a unique number using the current bookkeeping or accounting system used by the Janitor’s office. This reference number should be submitted as the invoice number for this document in cell F4 and can be called upon in the future to identify this paperwork. The invoice “Date” is automatically designated as the current “Date”, but you may change this in cell H4.   


Step 5 – Present A Report On The Maintenance Charges Requiring Payment

The next area of this sheet we must focus on begins on row 16. This row will contain some labels that apply to the cells below them. All cells in this table will require an entry. The first, cell A17 must contain a report on the maintenance or janitorial services rendered for the Client. This may be a description of tasks or a timesheet, but it should give detail as to what the Client must pay for.  Cell F17 is the next cell in this table that you must submit information to. You must document the time the Janitor spent as “Hours” in this cell. Next, the money the Janitor expects for every hour of work, otherwise known as his or her “Hourly Rate,” must be presented to this table. Submit this figure to cell G17. This action will automatically generate an “Amount” owed however; we will need to supply some more information to complete that column.   The “Subtotal” of the owed payment is the sum of all the items you reported in cell H17 presented without tax. Cell H18 requires you submit this sum for display. If the Janitor must add taxes to the “Subtotal” base, report this in cell H19.
The final request made by this table is that you fill in a value to cell H20 informing the Client how much he or she owes. This sum can be reached by adding the Janitor’s “Subtotal” to any taxes owed. 


Step 6 – Attach A Deadline To The Anticipated Payment Along With Any Required Material

Sending an invoice detailing the charges that require payment will inform your Client how much needs to be paid to who and why, but it will not lay down a definitive time unless you provide one. Therefore, locate cell A21 then replace “[#]” with the maximum number of days allowed to make an on-time payment.  Material not included thus far ranging from more detailed payment instructions to coupons may be provided in cell A22 if needed. Otherwise, you may leave this cell unedited.