Cleaning Services Invoice Template

The cleaning services invoice template is for any house, office, or industrial cleaner to bill their clients for services provided. For commercial, they are usually billed on a monthly recurring basis. For residential, payment is typically collected at the end of the cleaning on a pay-per-service schedule.

The invoice should detail the exact type of cleaning performed such as mopping, power washing, bleaching, carpet cleaning, laundry, dusting, and any other special services that were provided.

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How to Write in Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word

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1 – The Housekeeping Paperwork Required To Issue An Invoice Should Be Saved From This Page

To Invoice a Cleaning Job or Products purchased by a Customer using an Adobe Template, select the “Adobe PDF” button presented with the preview image. You may also use the Download link above to gain access to this file

2 – The Cleaning Or Housekeeping Company’s Name And Information Should Be Clearly Visible At The Top Of This Page

The Name of the Cleaning Company will have to be easily identified in this document. Thus, locate the words “Company Name” marking the first field of this page. Replace this term with the Full and Legal Name of the Cleaning Company issuing this Invoice. The Cleaning Company Contact’s Name should also be included in this area. Supply it to the second field (“Name”). This heading must include the Address of the Cleaning Company. As such, the next three lines have been reserved for the various components of an Address. Use this area to input the “Street Address,” “City, State, Country,” and “Zip Code” where the Cleaning Company receives its mail.  Continue the Cleaning Company’s Information with its “E-Mail” Address and “Phone” Number.

3 – Assign The Invoice Number And Name The Housekeeping Client

Normally, most purchases will be assigned an Invoice Number so the Client may easily refer to it both internally and when dealing with the Cleaning Company. Assign unique Number within the Cleaning Company’s system that may serve as an Invoice Number to the blank line “Invoice #.” An additional item used to identify documents is the Calendar Date when they are executed. Supply the Invoice Date on the next blank line. In addition to a unique Invoice Number, the transaction this Invoice ledgers must also include the Client Name and Information. To attach the Client to this Invoice Number, attend to the blank lines under the heading “Bill To.” State the Legal Name and official Address of the Housekeeping Company’s Client. This is the party that will receive and pays for the Housekeeping Products and Services listed in the next center. The blank lines labeled “Name,” “Street Address,” “City, State, Country, and “Zip Code” have been provided to accept this information.

4 – The Client Must Be Informed Of The Housekeeping Products And Labor Provided

The Cleaning Products and Housekeeping Services the Company provided to the Client need to be detailed. This should be done in a concise manner and deliver the basic information the Client needs to identify the charges. The “Products” section will enable a brief report on what Cleaning Products were purchased by the Customer. Supply each row with the “Description,” “Quantity,” and “Unit Price” of each purchase. Calculate how much the Customer spent on each purchase by multiplying the “Quantity” by the “Unit Price” then inputting this product in the “Amount” column. After completing this task, add all the numbers in the “Amount” column and enter it to the “Total Products” cell at the bottom of this column.

The Housecleaning Services provided by the Company will also have to be plainly stated if they are to be applied to this paperwork. This task will be handled in the area titled “Labor.” Input the basics of the Housekeeping Services provide in the “Hours,” “Description,” and “$/Hour” columns. These will help in defining how long each job took, what each job was, and how much per hour the Customer must pay for these Cleaning Services.

5 – Disclose The Total Charges And Any Additional Information That Should Apply

The last section here will summarize what the Customer owes for its “Products” and “Labor.” This means you will have to sum up the “Total Products” and “Total Labor” then report it in “Subtotal.”  The “Sales Tax” must also be supplied by the user. Make sure the Tax Amount you record in the second box satisfies the requirements of the Governing Body.  Now, it will be time to present the final “Total” figure. This is the dollar amount the Client must pay the Cleaning Company. The next two areas serve as a medium for the Cleaning Company to deliver some additional information to the Client. The first statement “Payment Is Due…” will require a Number of Days after the Customer receives this Invoice to be entered.  If the Customer must be given additional “Comments Or Special Instructions,” then record them on the last two blank lines of this page.


How to Write in Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

DownloadMicrosoft Excel (.xlsx)

1 – Invoice A Housekeeping Client Easily With The Excel File On This Page

The Excel Housekeeping Template on this page can be used to Invoice a Client once it has been supplied with the information it requests

2 – The Left-Hand Column Will Introduce This Paperwork With The Housekeeping Company’s Information

The first item that should be included with the information you present is the Cleaning Company’s Logo. If this entity has an official logo then locate the words “Add Your Company Logo Here” in Cell A1 and replace this phrase with the current Logo of the Cleaning or Housekeeping Company. This logo should be accompanied by the Legal Name of the Cleaning Company, make sure to replace the contents of Cell A2 with the Cleaning Company’s Name. Next, we will supply three methods of Contact to the Customer. The “Name” of an individual who can act as a correspondent for the Cleaning Company should be entered to Cell A3. Fill in the Building Number, Street Name, and any applicable Unit Number in the Cleaning Company’s Address to Cell A4 (“Street Address”). Continue reporting the Cleaning Company’s Address using Cell A5 by furnishing it with the City, the State, and the Country where the Street Address above is located. This Address can only be considered complete once, you enter its “Zip Code” to Cell A6. Cells A7 and A8 have been reserved so that you may give the Cleaning Company’s current “E-Mail” Address and its daytime Telephone Number.

3 – An Invoice Number Must Be Used To Identify This Paperwork

Most documents dealing with transactions will have a unique number assigned to them, so they may be conveniently referred to both internally and by the Customer. Make sure to include the Invoice Number attached to this transaction by replacing the “#” sign in Cell F4 with this number. In the adjacent cell, “Date,” the current Calendar Date will be displayed. You may leave this untouched or assign a different Invoice Date to this cell. 

4 – The Housekeeping Client’s Information Will Serve To Name The Recipient

Cell A11 should have the Name of the Cleaning Company’s Client produced in it. Then, in a similar format as above, use Cells A12, A13, and A14 to solidify the Address of the Client.

5 – Several Labeled Columns Have Been Included To Report The Housekeeping Products And Services

The several columns making up the next section (“Products”) will require some information to round out this invoice and provide the Client with a ledger of the Cleaning Products that have been purchased. This will need an account of the Product “Description,” the “Quantity” ordered and “Unit Price” supplied to the first three columns. The “Amount” the Customer must pay the Housekeeping Company will be totaled for each row as you input this information. The “Total Products” field will generate the Total dollar “Amount” the Customer will pay for the Products ordered. Next, we will discuss the Cleaning Services ordered by the Client in the “Labor” section. Here, any billable services done at the Client’s request should be reported. The last column will automatically display the total “Amount” the Client must pay for each service while totaling the result in the last cell. You will have to supply the “Description” of the job, the “Hours” the Client must pay for, and the Hourly Wage (“$/Hour”) that applies to this job. Finally, the bottom right-hand corner of this spreadsheet will require three additional pieces of information regarding the charges made to the Client. The “Subtotal” and “Total” fields will both generate the appropriate sums as you work however, you must determine and record the “Sales Tax” that must be applied to the Customer’s bill in Cell H34.

6 – Some Additional Information Is Required To Finalize This Paperwork

If required, you can set a deadline to pay this Invoice on time. This is typically useful if the Cleaning Company intends to apply late charges to delinquent payments. Set the number of days after the Customer’s receipt of this Invoice by replacing the brackets with this number. If the Customer must be given instructions or comments regarding this Invoice, then make sure to include this in Cell A36.