Computer Repair Service Invoice Template

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The computer repair service invoice is for any repair of a personal computer (PC), Mac, or any other portable device such as an iPad or tablet. The repair person will be required to enter the number (#) of hours spent working on the issue along with their hourly rate ($/hr). In addition, if there are any parts that were needed for the repair (e.g. hard drive, SSD, logic board, monitor, RAM, etc.) it should be included.

After the labor and cost of goods are added the invoice should be sent to the computer’s owner. Typically, the company or individual should handover the computer only after the invoice has been paid-in-full unless the customer has an ongoing business relationship.

Computer Parts Invoice – For the sale of computer parts only.

How Much does a Computer Repair Cost?

Bureau of Labor Statistics (Source) – The average computer repairman is paid an hourly rate of $19.30.

If you are having problems with your computer and want to hire a computer repair technician to fix it, you will likely spend between $50 and $150 (source: HomeGuide), depending on what is the problem, what computer you have and where you are having if fixed.

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How to Write in Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word

DownloadAdobe PDF or Microsoft Word

1 – Save A PDF Copy Of The Computer Repair Invoice To Your Machine

You may access and download the Computer Repair Invoice Template using this page. Locate either the button labeled “Adobe PDF” or the link above, click on one of them then, save the file to an accessible folder.

2 – The Fields Constituting The Top Left-Hand Column will Document the Computer Repair Company

Open the file with the pdf editor on your machine then locate the fields placed at the top left-hand corner of the page. Supply the Name of the entity that is billing the Customer for a Computer Repair job to the field populated with the words “Company Name.” The “Name” of the Computer Repair Technician, Representative, or Contractor should be provided to the first field. Additionally, the Computer Repair Company or Contractor’s “Street Address,” “City, State, Country,” and “Zip Code” must be placed across the next three lines. Complete this report on the Computer Repair Company’s Contact Information by providing a valid Company (or Contractor) “Phone” Number and “E-Mail” to the next two spaces.

3 – Several Items Used To Define This Paperwork And Transaction

Next, you will have to supply details to define the paperwork being sent and who it is being sent to. Begin by placing the Invoice Number and Date in the next two fields (labeled “Invoice #” and “Date”) respectively.

The Client this document is aimed at will have to be presented. This will be handled by filling out at least one of two columns. The “Bill To” column will present several spaces where the Client’s “Name,” “Street Address,” “City, State, Country,” and “Zip Code” can be attached to this Invoice. Make sure this is the Address the Client supplied as the Recipient Address for its Bills and Invoices. If the Client has indicated that all freight should be sent to a separate Address and has provided such a Shipping Address, then record it in the column labeled “Ship To” using the spaces provided.

4 – Produce The Total Amount Due The Customer Is Responsible To Pay

The “Products” and “Labor” for most Computer Repair jobs will have to be documented for the Client’s review of this Invoice. You may use one or both sections provided here but at least one should be filled out. The “Products” section will accept a “Description” of the purchased products along with the “Quantity” purchased and its “Unit Cost.” Supply these pieces of information in the appropriate column.  You must fill out the “Amount” column by row and then add it up to complete this table. Begin by multiply the “Quantity” reported in each row by the “Unit Cost” recorded in the same row. Place the resulting figure in the “Amount” column. The field labeled “Total Products” is reserved for the summed value of all the “Amount” figures added up. The “Labor” require for the Computer Repair job can be reported in the next section. This area will accept a “Description” of what was done as well as the “Hours” worked and the “Hourly Rate” required. Supply these items as requested. The “Amount” column here will require the multiplied result of “Hours” times “Hourly Rate” for each row. The sum of which must be displayed in the “Total Labor” field. The figures you reported in “Total Products” and “Total Labor” are the “Subtotal” of this Invoice. Place this amount in the first box of the next table. You will also have to supply the applicable “Tax” amount the Client in the third field. Once, the above information has been supplied, apply the appropriate Freight Charges in the field designated as “Shipping.”The last field, labeled “Total,” is the sum of “Subtotal,” “Tax,” and “Shipping.” Double check this value since this will be the amount of money the Client must pay to satisfy the Invoice. Finally, we will deal with some odds and ends to finish this Invoice. Provide the Client with the deadline of when this bill is due by entering the Number of Days he or she has to pay it after he or she has received it by entering this Number of Days in the available area in the statement beginning with “Payment Is Due…” In some cases, it may be wise to include some additional Instructions or Comments for the benefit of the Client (or the Company). An area labeled “Comments Or Special Instructions” has been provided for this purpose.

How to Write in Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

DownloadMicrosoft Excel (.xlsx)

1 – The Excel Template Supplied On This Page Will Serve As A Way To Invoice A Computer Repair Client

The template on this page is available as an MS Excel file with the formulas required to complete an Invoice. Download the Excel version using the button associated with the preview image or by selecting the Download link above.

2 – Present The Logo And State The Company Name

The first couple of cells (A1 and A2) have been reserved so the entity sending this Invoice can quickly inform the Customer of who this document is from. If the Computer Repair Company does not have a logo then you may delete the contents of Cell A1, otherwise, place the Company Logo in this field. Similarly, the Name of the Company should be clearly visible. Replace the text “Company Name” with the Name of the Computer Repair Company. In the event, the user is an individual and no official Company Name exists, then delete the contents or replace them with the Contractor’s Full Name. The next items regarding the party originating this paperwork is the Name of a Contact (or Contractor) or Representative and the Address where the Computer Repair Business is located and can receive mail. Use Cell A3 to record the Name of a Company Contact or the Contractor (if not previously recorded) then replace the contents of Cells A4, A5, and A6 with the parts of the Repair Company’s Legal Address. Sometimes, a Client may wish to correspond with the Computer Repair Business regarding this Invoice. Customarily, an “E-Mail” Address and/or a “Phone” Number should be presented on an Invoice with the Company’s Name and Address. Cells A7 and A8 have been included for this reason. Another method of Identification will be the Invoice Number and Date. This will supply a reference for both the Computer Repair Company and Client regarding this document. Supply these Items in Cell F4 (“Invoice #”) and Cell H4 (“Date”).

3 – Use The “Bill To” And “Ship To” Columns As A Way To Document The Client Information

The two sections used to document the determined client “Bill To” and “Ship To” are each presented so that we can positively identify the Client. The Billing or Mailing Address where the Client receives paperwork such as this should be recorded with a “Name,” “Street Address” (Building Number, Street Name, Unit Number), “City, State, Country,” and “Zip Code.” There will be another area to the right, labeled “Ship To,” where you may record a separate “Shipping address” if the Customer has one. If the Computer Repair Client has a separate location or address where it receives freight then utilize Cells E11, E12, E13, and E14 to present this item.

4 – The Products And Labor Required To Describe The Computer Repair Job Done Should Be Presented

The two areas making up the body of this paperwork, “Products” and “Labor,” are the reason why this document is being generated and sent. Here we will detail what items the client may have purchased and/or what Computer Repair Services were commissioned by the client.

If any “Products” have been sold to the Computer Repair Client then, fill in the first table with the “Description,” “Quantity,” and “Unit Price” defining the purchased goods and the transaction that occurred. The Amount owed for each Client order on a Product will display in the “Amount” column which will present a sum in the last cell (“Total Products”). Many Computer Repair Clients will have commissioned the Company for physical work that can be billed as “Labor.” Present the specifics of any such work done for the Client by recording the “Description” of each service provided, the “Hours” spent on that project, and the “Hourly Rate” charged for that project. The column on the right “Amount” will present the total dollar amount that will be charged for each service and present the sum in the last cell (labeled “Total Labor”).

5 – The Total Computer Repair Charges Will Be Summarized At The Bottom Of The Page

Notice the bottom right-hand table will populate with the appropriate sums as you fill in the information above. It will, however, require some attention. Input the applicable “Tax” and “Shipping” amounts the Client must pay for this Invoice to be complete. The figure that appears in the cell labeled “Total” will be the sum of “Total Products” plus “Total Labor” plus “Tax” and plus “Shipping.

6 – Deliver Any Additional Comments The Computer Repair Client Should Be Given

If any terms of payment should apply they should be recorded here as well. The statement “Payment Is Due…” will allow you to place a number of days as a time limit after the Client receives (physically) this document to pay the recorded “Total.” If there is a time limit for an on-time payment, then record this in Cell A36.

If the Computer Repair Company must deliver any “Comments Or Special Instructions,” they should be documented in Cell A37.

Downloads: 4,600