Babysitting (Nanny) Invoice Template

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Babysitting (Nanny) Invoice Template helps you produce a clean and concise report on the charges being billed to the Parent or Legal Guardian for childcare that was provided. Generating such paperwork to request payment will aid you in keeping track of the business’ earnings while also satisfying the need that many Parents/Legal Guardians have for keeping track of their children’s expenses. As a template, this document can be edited on one’s machine directly or it can be printed then completed as needed on a job site.

Salary & Hourly Wage ($/hr)

  • Salary: $23,240 per year (source: BLS)
  • Hourly Wage: $11.17 per hour (source: BLS)

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Daycare Invoice – For any type of nursery school, daycare, or organization that offers to teach to infants, toddlers, or small children.

How to Write in PDF and MS Word

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1 – Save The Babysitter (Nanny) Invoice

You can obtain a copy of the babysitting invoice for your use by selecting the desired file version from the choices coupled with the label “Download” (in bold above) or from the buttons on display below the preview. Open this document when you are ready to work with it.


2 – Identify The Babysitter Or Nanny Service

It is important that we introduce this document as one being generated by the Babysitter issuing it. The first available field (populated with the phrase label “Company Name”) will require the Babysitter’s full or professional name presented in its contents.        The first blank line in the invoice header is set to give the Recipient the means to contact the Babysitter or the Nanny Service directly. First, we shall place the Babysitter’s “Name” or that of a Customer Service Representative on the line attached to the “Name” label.                     The next three pieces of information will need to be produced down the next five blank lines. Begin with the Babysitter’s “Street Address” on the blank line attached to this label then continue by documenting the Babysitter’s “City, State, Country,” and “Zip Code” down the next available lines.               The next items (“Phone” and “E-Mail”) request some additional contact methods. If you are providing this header with the information, make certain that any extension required to reach the individual sending this document is included when recording the Nanny Service’s telephone number on the line “Phone” as well as the appropriate email address on the next line. If this is a Babysitter’s invoice, then simply fill in the telephone number and email address where the Parent or Legal Guardian can contact him or her to discuss or follow up on this invoice.                 


3 – Deliver Reference Material Defining This Babysitting Bill

Regardless of whether a Nanny Service or an independent Babysitter is generating this document, it should be setup with a way to refer to it in a convenient and reliable way. This will mean that the empty line next to the term “Invoice #” must be filled in with a number unused anywhere else in the Sender’s bookkeeping or accounting systems.                This filing information is usually paired with a specific “Date” of activity or effect. Determine then display the applicable invoice “Date” being applied to this paperwork on the appropriately labeled blank line across from the invoice number reported. You will notice that below the reference material is a section designated with the heading “Bill To.” The Nanny or Babysitting Client must be named on the first available line (labeled “Name”). Typically, this will be one of the Child’s Parents, Relatives, or a Legal Guardian.         Next, submit the billing address for the Child’s Parent to the next three available empty lines in the manner they call for.     


4 – The Babysitting Job Must Be Detailed To Be Invoiced

The area below the billing section you just filled out is occupied with a two-column table. Here, we will make a presentation of the babysitting job and the money that must be paid to the Babysitter or Nanny Service. In the initial column, “Description,” document some specifics that pertain to the job. For instance, the name of the Child cared for, the dates or times involved, or an agreement number. Ideally, all such items will be available for this column.      The second column here will require four pieces of information that will break down then document the final payable “Amount.” The first box of this column will be labeled “Amount” and anticipates the cost of the services you listed in the first column. Produce this content after consulting your pricing scale. If only one cost is being recorded, then you should re-enter it in “Subtotal.” Otherwise, present the sum of everything billed in the “Amount” box as the “Subtotal.”     Next, consult your local laws, then enter the taxes the Parent or Babysitting Client must pay in the box labeled “Tax.”   The last box in the “Amount” column is designated as “Total.” Simply add your babysitting job’s “Subtotal” entry to the value produced in “Tax” to reach this figure.

While the invoice above will deliver all the basic information needed to achieve its goal, it is recommended you determine the total number of days from the invoice date that a received payment is considered on time. Inform the Babysitting Client of the maximum amount of time that can elapse before you consider a payment late by entering this number of  “Days” on the blank line attached to the phrase “Payment Is Due Within…”     

If you wish additional instructions or content included with this invoice, make use of the blank lines after the phrase label “Comments Or Special Instructions” to present this information at the bottom of the page.        


How to Write in MS Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

1 – Access The Babysitter (Nanny) Invoice As A Spreadsheet

An invoice that can be used to bill the Parent or Legal Guardian of a Child for nannying services can be downloaded as an Excel sheet. This file is accessible by clicking on the text link “Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)” above immediately above this section.


2 – Name The Nanny Service Or Babysitter Billing The Parent Legal Guardian

The Nanny Service or the Babysitter that wishes to collect payment using this invoice must be unquestionably identified as soon as this document is viewed by the concerned Parent or Legal Guardian. Therefore, cell A1 is concerned with a presentation of the Nanny Service or Babysitter logo for this business. Locate this image in your records then place it accordingly. Also, make sure to report the exact professional name of the Nanny Service or Babysitter in cell A2.        The next series of cells will focus on providing methods of contact. Cell A3 requires the “Name” of who the Parent or Legal Guardian may contact when responding to this invoice by mail while the three cells below need the mailing address of the Nanny Service or Babysitter presented in their contents. Notice there will be a separate field of display for each part of this address in cell A4 (“[Street Address],” A5 “[City, State, Country],” and A6 (“[ZIP]”).       Cells A7 and A8 will allow you to conclude this section by entering the Nanny Service or Babysitter’s email address and telephone number. Each will have its own field of display for the header.   


3 – Identify The Babysitter Job By Invoice Number

On the opposite side of the page from the Nanny Service’s or Babysitter’s name, mailing address, and contact information are two cells under the title labels “Invoice #” and “Date.” These titles expect that you will replace the contents of the cells below them (cells F4 and H4 respectively) with the invoice number for this babysitting assignment and the “Date” it is officially being billed. Notice the default “Date” for this invoice is the day you are working on this sheet. This is a matter of convenience and may be changed if the current contents in cell H4 are inappropriate.         


4 – Directly Address The Parent Or Legal Guardian When Invoicing

The Child’s Parent or Legal Guardian must be specifically named in this document. Cell A11, the field labeled “[Name]” under the “Bill To” heading, is reserved for the identity of the Parent or Legal Guardian. Replace this cell’s label with this information.      As you proceed down this column, notice the next series of cells here call for an address (cells A12 through 14). This area must pair the billing address with the Recipient (Parent or Legal Guardian) therefore, fill out the information each one calls for to document the Parent’s mailing or billing address.   The invoice table provided was developed and placed in this sheet to supply a record of the babysitting services completed for the Child along with a reasonably straightforward breakdown of the money involved. Cell A17 is the first part of the table that requests information and should be populated with service details such as the concerned Child’s name and when the Babysitter worked. If any items (i.e. food) were provided to the Child, they may be documented here as well.     The next cell of this table that you must use to deliver information is cell H17. You must present the cost of all babysitting services and child care items being billed here.       Now follow the “Amount” column down to cell H18.  Calculate the full dollar value of all the services that were priced above by adding them together. Produce this figure in the “Subtotal” field located in cell H18.   In some cases, especially if the Sender is a Nanny Service or Company, taxes will be owed by the Parent or Legal Guardian for the babysitting job cost. If so, you must report this as a separate value in cell H19.       The “Total” that the Parent or Legal Guardian must pay for this invoice is the “Subtotal” for the babysitting service and the “Tax” that must be paid added to one figure. Enter this sum to cell H20.       We can now consider the basic information required for a completed invoice to bill for the babysitting job produced, however, one cell below the table will give you an option to continue with some payment terms. The sentence in cell A21 (“Payment Is Due In…”) is a tool for letting the Parent or Legal Guardian know that only a limited amount of time is allotted to him or her to submit payment on time. This sentence will require precisely how many “…Days” make up this grace period reported in place of the hashtag symbol.    You may have additional information such as an attachment or payment instructions. If this is the case, then use the area after the words in cell A22 (“Comments…”) to furnish this material to the Parent or Legal Guardian.             


Downloads: 2,093