Dog Walking Invoice Template

Dog Walking Invoice Template is a useful tool when billing Pet Owners or Clients for the dog walking service that was provided for their pets. Since this is a template, you have the option of setting it up with its header information then filling it out and issuing it on-site as needed. Otherwise, you may produce the information it requests from the comfort of your own computer. Naturally, it is recommended you set aside a reasonable amount of time for this task, since the goal of this paperwork may be impeded should any inaccurate information be reported.

How much does a dog walker cost?

  • Hourly wage: $20 to $40 per hour (source: Thumbtack)

The number of dogs you need walked, the length of the walk and your location are factors that will determinate the price more precisely.

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How to Write in PDF and MS Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx)

1 – Download The Invoice To Bill Pet Owners For Dog Walking Services

The dog walking invoice available on this site is downloadable through the “PDF” button or the “Word” button captioning the preview image.


2 – Report The Name Of The Dog Walking Business And Its Contact Details

The full name of the Dog Walking Company or the professional name of the Dog Walker sending this invoice should be put in the “Company Name” field.    The series of blank lines at the top of this page is meant to display the Dog Walker’s “Name,” business address, and contact information. Begin with the Dog Walker’s “Name” on the appropriately designated blank line.             The second, third, and fourth lines here request the Dog Walker’s “Street Address.” Your entry must consist of the building number/street name/suite number of the Dog Walker’s business address. Next, you will need to continue with the “City, State, Country,” and “Zip Code” to complete the Dog Walker’s professional address on the next two lines.           Deliver the Dog walker’s “Phone” number and “E-Mail” address as the final requested items to the last two lines             


3 – Directly Address The Pet Owner With The Invoice Number And Charges

The Dog Walker’s invoice number and invoice “Date” for this job should be reported in the shaded bar. The “Invoice #” and “Date” areas will each provide a blank line where you may enter this information.            Your next task will be to input the full “Name” of the Dog Walking Client or Pet Owner in the “Bill To” section. This Party’s full address must also be produced on the remaining blank lines in this section. There will be a “Street Address” line for his or her building number/street/suite number, a “City, State, Country” line, and a “Zip Code” line anticipating the information you produce.               You have identified the Dog Walker, this paperwork, and the Pet Owner or Client. The table in this invoice will give you a staging area for the dog walking service to be explained. This can be as simple as the date and time the walk took place, an outline of a schedule, or simply a contract number.    On the right, under “Amount” price the dog walking sessions provided.                          Continue your report on what the Client owes by adding every number you entered the “Amount” box to the “Subtotal” box. Notice both these figures will not mention any taxes. This is because if you must charge the Dog Walking Client or Pet Owner taxes, then they must be presented clearly and separately.        The “Tax” box will accept any taxes owed on the dog walking service. If any must be charged to this Client, then record the appropriate amount as needed.                   The “Total” that must be presented (so the Dog Walking Client will know how much he or she owes) must be the dog walking “Subtotal” plus the “Tax” entered above. Produce the sum of these items in the last box of this column.                 


4 – If Required, Provide Additional Information

The sentence under this table starting with the word “Payment” will need a definition as to how many “Days” after this invoice will be given to the Dog Walking Client will constitute a grace period for payment. This number should be reported in “Days” on the blank line after the wording “…Due Within #”                 

Any additional material regarding the dog walking job may be supplied for the Pet Owner on the blank lines in the “Comments Or Special Instructions” section.       


How to Write in MS Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

1 – Acquire The Dog Walking Excel Invoice From This Site

When it is time to bill the Dog Walking Client, locate then select either the “Excel” button or the “Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)” text link above.


2 – Document The Dog Walking Agency’s Contact Information

The first cell on this page expects the Dog Walking Logo used for this business. Attach this banner or logo to cell A1 by uploading its image file directly to its contents.  The Dog Walking Agency or “Company Name” must be placed in cell A2  while Cell A3 is reserved for the Dog Walker’s legal name. Produce these items  in these fields as requested.                                                       Cells A4 through A6 expects his or her official mailing address produced on a cell by cell basis. Make sure to follow the labels provided when inputting the “Street Address” with the Dog Walker’s “City, State, Country,” and “Zip Code”       

Cell A7 and cell A8 also anticipate entries defining the Dog Walker’s contact information. Supply his or her “E-Mail” address and “Phone” number to these cells.     


3 – Apply This Job’s Invoice Number To The Dog Walking Client’s Account

Refer to cell F4. The text in this cell must be replaced by the invoice number (a unique filing number) that the Dog Walker intends to use when identifying the session being billed. In addition to this number, this row must also have an invoice “Date” displayed in its contents. The one displayed at the moment is the current calendar “Date” (H4) and may be edited at will.                 

Below the two areas we just provided with information is another section where some preliminary information must be set before discussing the charges. Search for the “Bill To” section, then present the Dog Walking Client’s “Name” and complete address to cells A11 to A14   

The dog walking job must now be discussed. Gather any records defining this job then summarize the dog walking service being paid for in cell A17.         

Consult your records, you must present the price you charge for every dog walking service or session that was listed. Once you have verified the price(s) that must be charged paid by the Dog Walking Client above, report this material in cell H17.                       

We must follow column H down to cell H18. The sum of all the dog walking service charges above must be presented in this cell (labeled “Subtotal).                     

While many Dog Walkers may not be required to charge the Pet Owner or Dog Walking Client taxes, other will be required due to the type of business entity they are and/or what is being sold (i.e. a Dog Walking Agency selling care products or novelties). If this is the case, then such a “Tax” amount must be produced separately for the Client’s benefit in cell H19.                     

Cell H20 is the conclusion of this table and thus, must be supplied with the “Total” label


4 – Produce Material Defining When Payment Should Be Sent

For the most part, this invoice has reported all the items that your Dog Walking Clients expect to see when paying a bill, however, it is also recommended that you place a deadline to limit how long the Dog Walking Client is given to make an on-time payment. This deadline should be presented to the Dog Walking Client as a number of “Days.” Cell A21 currently displays a sentence with the wording required for this deadline to be placed. Input this number of days in place of the hashtag presented.            Some additional instructional material may be required or relevant (i.e. payment instructions or pet care pamphlets/advertisements). Cell H22 is an optional free-form area where you can present such content