IT Service Invoice Template

IT Service Invoice Template is for any type of technology, network, or database work on behalf of a consultant or entity. Whenever you are commissioned for such work, you will need to produce a reasonably well thought out invoice for your Client’s records and for your own bookkeeping system. This template can be filled out in an office or even on site by hand, though it is strongly recommended you input the header information and printing several to bring with you to a job site. Regardless of when this document is filled out, make sure that it is provided with accurate information before submitting it to the Client since this will promote a smoother invoicing process.

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IT Service Invoices: By Type

How to Write in PDF and Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx)

1 – Your Information Technology Invoice Is A Downloadable File On This Site

Bill your IT Client with the invoice on this site. You can access either or both the “MS Word” and “Adobe PDF” versions by clicking on the appropriate button.


2 – Your IT Firm’s Legal Name Must Be Produced With Some Valid Options For Contact

Your Information Technology Business will have a specific area where it can (and should) be identified. Identify your IT Business using the “Company Name” field then on the empty line underneath it, input your full “Name.” The address where your IT Service expects to receive its mail will need to be clearly presented for the IT Client’s review. The three blank spaces bearing the labels “Street Address,” “City, State, Country” and “Zip Code” have been reserved at the top of this page for this purpose. Your IT “Phone” line and “E-Mail” information should now be submitted to the last two blank spaces.


3 – Identify The Information Technology Job And Client With An Invoice Number

After satisfying the header requirements, turn your attention to the remainder of this document. Notice the four clearly distinct sections making up the body of this invoice. The first section will need your IT Business’s invoice number for this bill. Furnish this reference information to the line labeled “Invoice #” Additionally, enter the invoice date your IT Firm associates with this document on the next empty line (across the page). It is a matter of protocol that you make a point of naming the IT Client directly on this document. The “Bill TO” segment of this invoice expects this information to be submitted. The IT Client “Name” and his or her complete “Street Address” should be provided to the designated spaces. The IT Client’s “City, State, Country,” and “Zip Code” must also be included to complete the information above. Make sure you supply all these items to the reserved spaces.


4 – Adequately Describe The Computer Or Networking Services Provided

The table marked with the column headings “Description” and “Amount” will take up the responsibility of detailing the services behind this transaction. It is likely the majority of your Clients will appreciate (or even require) a summary of the services being billed furnished to the first column. Make sure this contains information that is accurate and descriptive regarding the IT job. The money you intend to collect for the defined IT job must be recorded in the second column, under the “Amount” heading. 


5 – Document The Payment Terms Of This Bill

You will have one or two areas where information you wish delivered to the Payer can be included. The first opportunity will take the form of a basic statement (“Payment Is Due…”) where you can define the number of days your IT Firm will give its Client to submit the dollar amount on this invoice by inputting before the word “…” Any supplemental material you wish to deliver with this invoice can either be documented or cited using the blank lines beneath the payment statement.


How to Write in Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

1 – The IT Invoice Is An Obtainable Spreadsheet On This Site

The invoice on this page is a formatted spreadsheet developed to bill your Information Technology Client. Select and download the “MS Excel” file through the button attached to the picture or the download above.

2 – Your IT Firm’s Legal Name Has A Specific Area Of Presentation

Identify Your IT Company by using cell A1 to feature its logo. You can import virtually any basic image file but make sure its dimensions are reasonably sized. The next few cells in this column are concerned with making sure the Client is well informed on the originator of this invoice. As the intended Payer, he or she should have the legal IT Firm’s “Name” (cell A2), your name as either a representative or owner of the IT Firm (cell A3), and the address where the Paying Client may reach your IT Firm (cells A4 through A6).The next task at hand is to ensure that your intended Payer has the current “E-Mail” address and “Phone” number used by your IT Firm should a more immediate form of contact be necessary or desired.


3 – Identify The IT Firm’s Client

The Payer will need to be officially obligated by the language of this invoice to pay the amount you list as owed to your IT Firm. Thus, you must enter the concerned Payer’s full name in cell A11. The address where your IT Client is reachable should also be presented in the “Bill To” section. The fields in cells A12, A13, and A14 will accept this information so it can be properly displayed as the IT Client’s business address on this document.


4 – Develop An Official Invoice For Your Client

The centerpiece of this spreadsheet template will take the form of an easy-to-use table consisting of a “Description” and “Amount” column. You should use the first cell (A17) to document the IT services the Payer contracted of your Firm. This cell will allow virtually any type of information to be presented ranging from a specific work date to contract summary. The second column here, “Amount,” has been set aside specifically so you can input the how much money the Payer must submit in exchange for the IT services provided. Produce this number in cell H17.


5 – Close This Document With Terms Of Payment

A brief obligatory statement, applying to the IT Client, has been supplied in cell A18. It will give you the opportunity to impose a grace period on the payment requested by this document. To use this statement, simply place the number of days you wish the grace period to be where the pound sign is located.  The final cell presents “Comments Or Special Instructions” as an introduction to any additional info you’d like to pass on to your IT Client.