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An invoice is a request for money owed after products are provided or when the performance of service has been completed. The invoice is sent, usually by standard mail or e-mail, and with payment being due by a specific date (usually thirty (30) days). If payment is not received, interest or penalties may accumulate in addition to the amount being reported to credit agencies.

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How to Make an Online Invoice

An invoice is a great way to detail products or services rendered while requesting payment for said items. The invoice should simply illustrate the costs of goods sold less any discounts while also adding any State or local taxes. Once complete, it should be sent to the recipient either through standard mail, fax, or e-mail. If the products or services have already been rendered the recipient should have between 15 to 30 days to make payment before any late fees, penalties, or interest begins being added.

Step 1 – Insert/Upload Logo

It’s traditional to have a logo in the upper-left part of the invoice. For best logo practices, the logo should be an icon with square dimensions (pixel width and height being equal).


Step 2 – Enter Company Information

  • Company Name;
  • Street/Mailing Address;
  • Telephone; and
  • E-Mail.


Step 3 – Invoice Details

  • Invoice Date;
  • Invoice #;
  • Payment Terms; and the
  • Due Date.


Step 4 – Client’s Information

  • Client’s Name;
  • Mailing Address;
  • Shipping Address (if any);
  • Telephone; and
  • E-Mail.


Step 5 – Services / Goods

  • Description of Services;
  • Quantity or Number (#) of Hours;
  • Subtotal;
  • Discount;
  • Shipping;
  • Tax / VAT; and the
  • Total Amount.


Step 6 – Notes / Comments

If there are any notes such as payment preferences or terms of payment it must be written here.


Step 7 – Sending the Invoice

  • E-Mail
  • Share (using the export option)
  • Download and Send

Downloads: 47,460